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  1. The airplane touched the ground 15:00. 17:10 i had the first beer at the hotel pool in Pattaya. pretty ok
  2. Used the service above. Guy waited with a sign outside the arrival gate. Then directly to fast lane (crew) and through to the taxi (ordered the package) directly outside the terminal. From getting out of the plane to sitting in the taxi was 10-12 minutes.
  3. I know that this has been asked before, but can not find the thread. Have a backpain and. am looking for a place where I can get a serious good massage. Thanks
  4. She looks hot!!! Please name drop
  5. I do think the Chinese line is due to the convenience of the other folks. Happy to see that I don’t have to stand in the same que as them..
  6. If going to Bangkok, stay there at least two nights. Otherwise go directly to Pattaya. Used Mr T and PT Taxi many times. Mr T came late once, so I prefer PT nowadays. I used the service mentioned above: https://www.bangkokf....com/index.html Will use it in the future as well. Great. But, probably only worth doing if not travel with checked in baggage. I never had my bag waiting for me when arriving to baggage claim.
  7. I totally agree. Normally I would never take antibiotics unless I got them prescribed after a doctor had tested me positive for the STD. But I can not risk coming home infecting my partner....
  8. I was wrong about the price for the "Puren Tadalafil, 20mg". It was actually 49 Euro for 12 tablets. :-) for that price I will not bother to buy the stuff in Thailand anymore:-)
  9. Some antibiotics does not work well with sun / Alkohol, so I take it on the day of the departure. You can buy it at Boots at the airport. But consult your doctor before
  10. What you are looking for is Azithromycin. One time dosis 1500-2000mg to get rid of gonorrhea/ chlamydia. One box contains 6x250mg, if you not to heavy should be enough with one box..there is one expensive (Zithromax ) 750baht, and one generic for 370baht (Binozyt).
  11. Ok,,, Then I learnt something new.. [ Quote name=hellah" post="926622" timestamp="1513084652] You are wrong, there is real apcalis and there is fake apcalis. True, real apcalis is a copy from cialis, but it's made by a proper pharmaceutical company in india, and it works well. Fake apcalis is probably made in china, and it doesn't work well, if at all (might even be poisonous). The same is true for kamagra gel, and probably lots of other drugs. There are 4 things certain in life: death, taxes, software updates, and anything that can be copied, will be copied.
  12. if someone is passing Malaysia I can recommend to buy/try Zydena (udenafil). Very cheap and good. Only exists in Malaysia and Korea.
  13. The genetic Cialis offered to me in the pharmacy was tadalafil from "Puren" and" 1A Pharma" and "Aristo". At least Puren seems to be imported from India. Still pricey, 4x20mg costs 40 Euro.. Hopefully soon good generic will be available in Thailand cheaper.
  14. There are no "real" apcalis. Apcalis is a Cialis copy. The ones I tried, did not work as well as Cialis. I had a feeling that the apcalis was just low dosage sidenafil tablets.
  15. I have noticed that the holidays feels longer if changing hotel. Staying in Pattaya 10 days, stay five days in first hotel, then change to a second one. Start with the less nicer hotel, then you will get a boost of satisfaction when changing to the nicer one.
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