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  1. Thanks for the Information, guys. Looks like a no brained unless you are on a tight budget. IMHO, there's not much worse than queuing for a hour in hot, humid conditions after a 12 hour plus flight (s) I like a decent limo for the trip to Patts so if I book the combo the fast track costs c TB1000 - I'm gonna try it next time and I'll report here
  2. Thai are great. Try for a window seat. I get prescription sleeping pills. The over the counter herbal stuff is useless. I bring my own pillow, plasma ear plugs and a good black out mask. Slept for 7/8 hrs last time. You can't put your seat back during meal service but you're not going to sleep for 12 hrs anyway. It's direct for me unless there's a big price difference.
  3. Let us know how that goes for you, please
  4. Based on the feed back here, I'll stick with Direct (Thai Airways) unless it costs a few hundred.more than the stopover option.
  5. It'd be nice but costs about e2800 with Thai, BA and Eva. That's a lot of BFs and STs. Lol
  6. Some good points there Nick. Paris is pretty expensive for direct flights. I changed get Thai direct for less than e600. It's not worth doing a stopover to save 100 quid IMO.
  7. I've used Thai and BA. Thai are superb. I prepare well, I take a proper pillow and inflatable pillow. Very good plasma ear plugs. A good blackout mask and good sleep pills. I always get a window seat and usually end up with the next seat free. I can usually get a few hours decent sleep. I can't justify business class. I'd prefer to spend the dosh on other things. I saw a great deal on business class with Egyptair. 1150 euro from HR. It's gone up since. I'd pay that no problem. Think I'll stick with Thai for now. My fight from Ireland lands at terminal 2 and Thai are there also. That avoids a lot of grief.
  8. Hi Guys I've only ever used direct flights. I've seen some great deals on flights with stop overs. I appreciate that there are quite a few influencing factors but I'd love to hear from BMs that have done both. Which do you prefer and why?
  9. Good point there, Robi. Some BM's rarely get the opportunity to enjoy a few days R&R at a nice beach resort. If you are not into sight-seeing then hanging out at the beach can be a good alternative. I haven't been to Patts or Phuket yet but I get the impression that Phuket is a more up-market resort. Thanks for starting the thread, Jackblack and also to everyone that's contributed - these type of threads are very useful to BM's planning to visit LOS. Regards Jack.
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