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  1. just booked my next trip ! happy days

    1. littledonkey


      3 days to go before wheels are up happy days lol

  2. 7 weeks to go happy days

  3. ffs do not like to say this but NZ just to good for us today ffs just hope there have a bad one next week ffs

    1. Doyle Lonnegan

      Doyle Lonnegan

      Need to take chances and cut out penalties...but some encouraging moments....o Brie try etc.

    2. benny1949


      Go the Blacks.


  4. fooking british airways grrrrrrr

  5. back in uk now but what a trip mmmmm happy days

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    2. littledonkey


      no limits when its cums to trip to pattaya apart from go hard or go home lol

    3. cherjam1


      don't shoot the messenger 555


    4. littledonkey
  6. so ffs cold in uk at the mo roll on thailand in 3 weeks time mmmmm omg so need it

  7. just got my 60 visa for thailand roll on dec ffs just can,t wait mmmm

  8. been waiting 4 years for this world cup and we can,t even get out of are group fucking joke grrr not happy at all!

    1. benny1949


      Another 4 years to wait. Sorry, the ball and chain team, paid you back.

    2. vincent law

      vincent law

      Won some sweet cash betting on Aussie when they were leading 10 to 3 lol

  9. piss right off ffs grrrr

  10. come on england for ffs pride in the shirt and man up!

  11. how did england lose that game ffs grrr

  12. all booked for my next trip mmmm lol

  13. all packed and ready for the madness and the fun to begin mmm bring it on grrr

  14. 3 days wheels up roll on pattaya mmm

  15. the week from hell! just checked my passport out of date! ffs does my week get any worst ffs grrrr

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    2. littledonkey


      yes I know its my fault but got so much on my plate aswell dad death ! sort out the funeral! clear out my dad flat because Its a council one! now have to go to Newport in wales to get my passport done in a day! that's all apart from that nothing to do! I fly out on the 15th aswell!

    3. britman


      Next time - remember you renew your passport up to 9 months in advance - they add the unexpired time onto the new one.

    4. icebergjr.


      Don't be jealous! There's plenty more LBs in the sea of Pattaya! Sort out the Passport, and have fun!5555

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