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  1. thanks but I use https://www.bumrungrad.com/ for all my health issues but will never need it for ed problems as I know what I am doing...………… now
  2. a very different world out there 5 years ago but yes be careful,,,, very very careful lol. that's why I inspect the package before buying the same as I do when shopping for ladyboys
  3. just use common cense when buying and I have never had a fake package. 800 baht for 50 jellies from my favourite street vendor on soi dianna or two boxes for 1500 or go to pharmacy and pay double for the same thing
  4. I bought it at the pharmacy on the right side of soi bukoi just before action street but I see most vendors have it now in the soi dianna area
  5. i used it a few years ago when I had prostrate problems and it works awesome better faster hard on than the jelly and I could still cum any time I wanted but it was way easier to delay the orgasim if I wanted to
  6. whynot

    Heavy Rain

    I walked the beach at 7 this morning and seen the devastation and then came back and went to sleep but woke up again later this morning to more thunder and lightning which didn't last long but not likely did the beach any favours
  7. whynot

    Heavy Rain

    except for a few bars mit has been quiet this week but hopefully songran will get more tourists here and they can make some coin before slow season really takes off
  8. whynot

    Heavy Rain

    I was at toy bar in mit till the wee hours so I was still asleep when the thunder and lighting woke me up around 11 and I tried to go back to sleep but then said fuck it and got up and when we went for dinner at central festifal at 7 there was just the odd puddle left laying around
  9. when they do that to me I make a point of no tipping and explaining why but they don't give a fuck last month my driver took an extra hour to get there as he was trying to find a cheap fuel stop at 11pm :Moody Driver:
  10. i am here now and evryone has kamagara for sale on the street easy to get for 800 a box of 50 or 2 boxes for 1,500
  11. they closed the restaurant and its now a pharmacy irish rovers in lk metro does a good 129 baht buster breakfast and isn't as busy with retox taking a lot of there customer base
  12. arrived at noon and line up was long took 1 hour to get outside
  13. there seems to be a dry spell on getting kamagara right now and most pharmacies were out or asking 80 to 100 baht each and if they had a box they wanted 2000 for a box of 50. i finally found one on soi bukhoi that sold for 1300 after trying all the regular places i had used before to no sucess
  14. same here threads should have a shelf live of 6 months and if no posting then it should be locked :excl: saves reading out dated and.............. :Electric Shock:
  15. whynot

    Hotel next week

    try pattaya bay resort. just a short stroll thru the small mall. i have stayed there several times and everything you asked for they have and its also a great deal. i am there in Nov have fun
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