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  1. A word to the wise... be careful when posting negative reviews of restaurants in Pattaya. https://www.thaivisa.com/forum/topic/1030931-pattaya-expat-threatened-with-jail-after-posting-negative-restaurant-review-online/
  2. I have the data auto renewal feature on my DTAC account. It pulls 169b out of my account each week for my data plan. You might not have any baht left when you get back into town. With so many free Wi Fi outlets available about town I don't see the need for a data plan.
  3. hanz

    Possible Hiv ?

    If you have been drinking on your trip...just sober up for a few days/weeks. You will be OK...unless you got cream pied a few times...then, yes... you are probably fucked.
  4. hanz

    EVA Air

    Like you...I used to fly Cathay exclusively...the Hong Kong lounge has to be one of the best in the world hands down and the entertainment system is the best I have experienced...but once you get by the lounge and the entertainment system...they are still 3/400... if not more USD's above the cost of a Eva flight to Bkk...and once they changed their departure times from my home airport...switching back to Eva was a no brainer.
  5. hanz

    EVA Air

    Try flying home on a Wednesday night. I have found Wednesday to be their slowest travel day. Usually better fare and more likely chance of no one sitting next to you. I book the cheapest ECO fare and fly to BKK on the Sunday 1am flight, The plane is usually full and very rarely get a open seat next to me. With the new 4 seat middle row configuration...try reserving a G seat in a row where seats D and E are already reserved. This has worked a few times. Flying the lowest ECO fare means I can not upgrade my ticket and only get 1/3 to1/2 mileage...depending on time of year travel. These days...my mileage is only good for lounge access...but I always look forward to their Bkk lounge,,,great lounge IMHO, clean as a whistle, the food is pretty decent and beats the hell out of their cattle class lounge in Taipei.
  6. Absolutely...Google is your friend... Web MD... https://www.webmd.com/sexual-conditions/antibiotics-for-chlamydia
  7. Zithromax and the one time dose can be really hard on your liver an kidneys. I took the 2 500mg tabs a couple of years ago and I felt it working its way through my system for a week. Don't drink if you are doing this stuff. An easier cycle is the 10 day doxycycline regime...easier on your internal organs. Many Pattaya doctors will prescribe doxycycline for chlamydia infection. A 10 pack of.100mg gel caps can be had in pharmacies for approx. 250b.
  8. lots of falang cameras at the bars across from the shoe store. Not a discreet location to say the least.
  9. For me..the sensitivity issue has lot to do with excess alcohol and ED intake. Too much of either and my success rate plummets.
  10. I apologize. I didn't mean to come off as a jerk. Maybe too much coffee this morn. Cheers.
  11. This is voodoo math. 40k baht a month and not taking into account your major purchases in your monthly budget because you purchased them already doesn't cut it IMHO. If I would rent out your home and car each month...how much would you charge me? Then we would have a better understanding of how much your actual monthly outlay is.
  12. It's always great to read about guys enjoying their life in Thailand...comfortably... for 65k baht...or less a month...but what happens if you get sick...or get hit by a motorbike going the wrong way on a one way street...or drop a weight in the gym and break your foot...shit happens...especially in Thailand. A lowball budget that does not include a health care plan can result in a "nest egg" gone...or a ticket back home....or worse.
  13. Just wondering how many of the posters in this thread would bottom for a known HIV+ provider?
  14. Dermatologists have some acne patients on doxycycline...for years.......and if these teenagers die prematurely from being on doxy for years...they can rest assured they will be chlamydia free.
  15. maybe...but so far so good. If you engage in oral sex or unprotected vaginal sex and pick up chlamydia after a day or two in town...it's too late...your vacation is ruined and you are out of action for a week or more as doxycycline after chlamydia detection is a 10 day cycle.
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