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  1. As many times as I've flown into Bkk and landed at Suvarnabhumi, I found a lower fare into DM and was wondering if anyone of you have done that.... and specifically, how is it getting into the Nana area Taxi/Uber wise?? Is it any closer or more convenient? Thanks for the input. Kap
  2. None of us will see this new airport for some time as they are only flying domestic flights into and out of there for now and the transition of all flights will no longer be over a weekend but rather spread out over time.... Good idea!! Kap
  3. The new airport will be delayed Ive heard for a number of reasons... one of which being the workers haven't been paid for a while with the collapse of the Lira the past month or two and they've slowed way down on the construction progress. The original plan was to move EVERYTHING from the old Airport in Yesilkoy to the new one in one weekend. That in itself is pretty amazing. However now, I believe they're going to just do a few flights maybe from other airlines like Pegasus etc, to say the airport is "open for business".. but it really won't be ready for the numbers of passengers and jets Turkish Airlines has. I used to work for Turkish Airlines and the people there are lovely, but I agree with everything you have all mentioned. The cabin crew seldom came to the cockpit to chat with us because their English was substandard... too bad because they were quite nice themselves. The food was exemplary!! Here's a link in Turkish but has some decent pics. http://www.airporthaber.com/havacilik-haberleri/bakan-arslan-3-havalimaninda.html Kap
  4. Is there a nonstop flight from Utapao/Rayon over to Phuket? Or... What would be the quickest way from Patts to Phuket? Is there a water vessel or if no nonstop flights, I guess you'd connect thru BKK airport.... Thanks Kap
  5. I gotta put in a good plug for this place. I started going there about 5 months ago or so and have always had a good meal and a good brew there... always. I probably stop by about 3 times a week for a quick lunch etc. Terrific location, 3 pool tables, tv's galore all showing "boring soccer/football" matches but sometimes they have "real sports" on like Baseball!! :-)) Anyways, I've always found the food tasty, the bar maids helpful and just sitting outside watching Suk and Soi 4 go by is always a fun hobby! Kap
  6. Ya between Vegas and Patts? Patts each and every time! That is, if you're looking for fun times... You'll be broke (or rich beyond your wildest dreams too if it's your lucky day at the slots) a WHOLE LOT quicker in Vegas than in Patts.. Having been to both... and Vegas a lot more than Patts... You could probably have 3-4 ladyboy experiences for just 1 in Vegas, who in most cases will have an attitude and a "Don't touch me there" kind of personality. Hands down... Patts for the "fun" times. Kap
  7. The rental car companies do not say one needs an Int'l DL.... Just your own country's DL and passport. K
  8. No Visa... Just a passport to come and go to LOS Kap
  9. Thanks AO... BUT.... I checked the Hertz Thailand rental sight and they discussed the drivers license and said only that I'd need my home country License and a valid gov't ID (passport). They said nothing about an Int'l Drivers License.... which I obviously can't get since I'm here in LOS. So Im getting mixed answers here.... At the end of the day however, all I can do is what Hertz says which is home DL and Passport, Can anyone show me a document that says in black and white, that I need the Int'l DL to rent a car in LOS? Not doubting anyone for one minute here!! Just trying to get it legally straight, black and white, what EXACTLY and legally is required, and where this is written. All I'm finding so far from the car rental websites is normal home country DL and passport.... Thanks again And YES, I plan to take the full insurance "walk away" coverage! Great idea, no worries!! Kap
  10. Mardhi... Great find... but everything I need to know is in Thai! No translation button to click that I can see/find. How'd you navigate the site?? Kap
  11. The International Driver's License..... I know what that is but not sure if you're meaning my "home country" drivers license (USA) or the other? Is an "International Driver's License" required in Thailand to rent or can I use my home country DL? Kap
  12. So your home country Driver's license is not valid in Thailand? K
  13. Gents.... Any experience renting a car in bkk? I've driven around in a gg's car several times "on the wrong side of the road" and so far so good. Looking to drive with a Gg friend and her 4 year old daughter to the Patts zoo.... Which if you haven't been is pretty nice way to spend an afternoon. It's up north a bit from Patts. Don't really want to hire a taxi/van so we can stop at our leisure etc... Also.... Is it easier to rent at the airport or downtown.? Thanks for any input. Kap
  14. I will add my two cents as a fellow American here.... I too am surprised no one has mentioned the Dynasty Inn on Soi 4... has a comfy outdoor seating area perfect for watching the "walk of shame" crowd go by with their catch for the day/night as well as some good old American style and tasting food. To be honest, haven't really tried a breakfast there yet but the dinner sure suits my Yank taste buds so I'd think the breakfast would as well.... The JW Marriott is by far and away the BEST Steakhouse I've ever been to for the quality and TASTE of steak!!! Can't say this enough here about it!! It's upstairs and in all my 50 plus years of life, I've never had a better tasting steak... ever!! Looking forward to going back!! Great place for a romantic evening if you want to do that with your gg or lb. If I was to say something a bit not to my liking was the closeness of our table to the table across from us. When we (my gg and I) first were shown our table, I literally said to the lady, "I don't really feel like having dinner with strangers". They're pretty close tables. But thru the evening, it ended up being a non event as conversations were not heard or interrupted by tables nearby. Not cheap either but IMO, certainly worth the splurge. Kap
  15. For those of us who also frequent the Philippines, I just read on my news blog that Emirates is starting new service to Clark, in the Philippines, which is Angeles City. Used to be a US Air Base many years ago until Mt Pinatubo erupted and caused widespread destruction. So let's see... this airline is just ripe for us LB lovers now... I think last count they had 4 or 5 daily trips to Bkk (from Dubai), 1 to Phuket and now 1 to Angeles City!! Kap
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