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  1. Thanks for the excellent suggestions. I really appreciated.
  2. Ahahah. Thanks for all your suggestions. In case someone is interested I prepared a Google map of my selected places in Pattaya. I included yours so… keep em coming! You can find it here I'd be more than happy to add places to the map myself and leave it available for future enquiries.
  3. Thanks. No need to be “fine dining” though IMO. Also a very good street food vendor or an apparently unappealing hole can be wonderful surprises. I still remember a spicy fish I had in Pattaya from an old lady, possibly in front of Tukcom, back in the days....
  4. Not sure it has been proposed as a thread here or on BKK forum, at least in a thorough and descriptive way as I intend it. I’m a sinful devil bastard and I don’t let lust overwhelm my gluttony. I’m a serious foodie and I’m planning my short trip in September (18-24) accordingly. 3 nights in BKK, 3 nights in Pattaya, I’m almost set. Back home I read a lot on the subject and I’m always on the lookout for the latest gourmet novelties, be it higher-end places or cheap holes with exceptional love for what they do. I’m an Italian after all. We talk about food even when we are eating. In BKK I already enquired for a table at Gaggan, voted World’s best Asian restaurant and I put on my list some of the places A. Bourdain (RIP and Respect bro), visited. I was wondering if some of you sinners would like to share some tips on gems to be found while in BKK and Pattaya. I’m not afraid of experimenting strangest things as long as it’s really tasteful... the same goes for what arouses me in bed I suppose... Thanks for your insights!
  5. Thanks guys got it fixed both sides, got a protection film and bumper for 2000 in 1 hr at Tukcom. Cheers!
  6. It should be easy. I'm in Pattaya right now. Anybody know of a place that will fix iPhone broken glass? Thx
  7. This seems good. Thank you.
  8. Ok. I won't make it for the Bell Bus Service as it'll be too late when I arrive in BKK. Mr. T seems to be unreliable... I don't care much about the money, I just want someone to pick me up in time and make it quick to Pattaya. I'm even considering getting the Limo service with a couple of LBs or GGs entertaining me in the meanwhile. ) Ok. I just need a proper taxi, but at the same time I was wondering if anybody of you ever tried the experience. Thanks for your insights.
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