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  1. The moral off getting a visa is be accurate with your paperwork and don't try be clever by giving them bullshit they will see straight through it my girlfriend been England twice and today just received a 6 month tourist visa again she arrives July 4 I can't wait
  2. the courtyard is very good but for CARVERY imo the best is jameons its exceptional and you can sit in there as long as you wish nibbling away with salads at least 3 roasts and desserts to choose from it was 495 baht if my memory serves me right
  3. yes rusty see where you coming from but what i dont see is why a farang thinks its partly is fault for being robbed
  4. steve why was it partly your fault? if someone has been in my pocket and stolen money of me i wouldnt be so lenient towards the culprit low season as begun as it?
  5. sorry 438 with klm holiday genie site if any1 interested
  6. jesus man to bkk in june 438 how cheaps that with good connection shame i already booked mind u cant moan with etihad deal june looks a cheap month to fly out
  7. sorry flights on travel supermarket for anyone interested
  8. just booked with etihad from manchester 498 great connections klm from birmingham 480 june very cheap month to fly out i cant believe got etihad for under£500
  9. nov15 till nov30 with etihad £555 from manchester thats not bad price with etihad goodluck
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