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  1. Another new venue. Note warrens sexy massage parlour next door .
  2. I like the breakfast at the Loaf soi Lengkee. Not big but nice and comes with juice and coffee 150b Similar one at the continental bakery soi excite. Both nice aircon too.
  3. It is beside the main bus station in north rd They book online now and will pick u up At airport near foodcourt and airport bus
  4. You can book bells bus to airport- free pickup from hotel. More expensive but pretty good if you are not in a rush
  5. Think bells bus does it There are also minivans from victory
  6. setanta

    sore throat

    You can get antibiotics at the local pharmacy or any of those clinics along soi buakhao.
  7. No problem with it, you might reinstall the app or turn phone off and on.
  8. Have done the train one time - nice journey - train station is quite far from central pattaya though. Takes 4 hrs! !!
  9. Would also prefer bell's bus - much less crowded since they changed to online booking - transfer quite good too.
  10. About 50% of aircraft seats are made in northern Ireland - Thompson and BE aerospace seem to have the market sewn up!
  11. Check out Qatar airways as well -they have good flight times and the connection seems to be easier than Emirates
  12. Check your player on the pc - some have a setting to adjust levels. Mp3 players on mobiles etc usually have this feature in the settings.
  13. Can fly to chiang mai from utapao so not far from there to chiang rai
  14. Location is not too bad - there are a lot of buses there and you have to cross 3rd road to go anywhere though. Being fairly new the rooms should be in good condition - the decor is a bit kitsch - way over the top but who cares!
  15. Last time I was with them they were offering premium economy for €80. Not bad if you get a good deal on economy! Didn't like their schedule though - return flight left Bangkok around 9am - felt like a really long day. Also service was poor enough.
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