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  1. Well now it has installed but still won't play.
  2. Hi, My VLC would not play the DVD so I uninstalled it, not it won't download. Any suggestions?
  3. I recently needed a cleanup of my HDD and The Man persuaded me to install a solid state drive. And reinstall WIN 10. On completion the print on screen is tiny even though it says it is Times New Roman font 12 which is what have always used. The print is only half the size it should be. With my old XP setup I could adjust this but can't find how to do it now. Can anyone help please?
  4. Lately my Toshiba Satellite laptop has become very slow, the technician said it was probably my three year old HDD running slowly and I should install a solid state drive. He removed unnecessary programs and viruses but it's still slow, mainly on my Google Chrome browser. Also my Seagate backup unit is slow and erratic. Will a solid state drive provide a magical cure? I have Kaspersky installed. Changing the drive would require me to go through the pain in the arse procedure of re installing everything. Any suggestions?
  5. I am fed up with Win 10. I used to be able to convert the operation to go like XP but have forgotten how. Can anyone help? Thanks.
  6. Well I may have some improvement, I adjusted the time delay to 45 mins and it seems to last for 30 mins.
  7. Why can't those bastards at Microsoft get things right? An automatic update installed itself and as a result the screen shuts down after a couple of minutes inaction. Going to Settings and altering the time to zero has no effect at all !!! Suggestions anyone? And how can I switch the auto updates off? Thanks
  8. I cannot play my movies on Win 10. I have found the Win Media Player but that doesn't help. WIN 10 for Dummies is no help. Google is no help. Why the fuck can't they just leave stuff alone? My next question is how do get rid of all the shit on the desktop? I mean, X Box ??? Thanks
  9. I hace just had to reinstall WIN 10 and of course a lot of stuff got lost. I have Google Chrome apparently working Ok and in Thunderbid my emails are restored,but not my address book. The Instructions are: In Thunderbird, go to Tools > Import…. Choose Address Books and click Next. Choose Text file (LDIF, .tab, .csv, .txt) and click Next. Choose Comma Separated (or All files) in the drop-down list at the bottom right, browse to the .csv file you just created, select it and click Open. But when I get to the last step and click Open I get a window that means nothing and I can't even print screen it. Where am I going wrong? Thanks
  10. WEll I've found someone who can recover the data at a reasonable price, I have used them before for other work. And I'll get two Seagate Backup Plus sets. Thanks for the advice.
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