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  1. Thanks very much for the news, ausmagoo. Maybe I should have a stat. dec. witnessed saying that they no longer witness stat. decs next year. It might help my local Immigration officer here in the north; last year he licked the embassy stamp to make sure it was a real stamp.
  2. Thanks for this. When I went to the Aussie Embassy in Bkk in July this year (and I had to make an appointment for a set date and time some days prior - new rules, apparently) I just had my declaration witnessed by the clerk; no questions; same as I have done the last 8 years. Maybe it depends on the luck of which counter you go to. However, because of your experience, I'll be sure to take proof of everything when I go next year. Thanks again.
  3. I just want to thank you, Dalef65, for a very clear and simple solution to my line problem. Much appreciated.
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