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  1. Went to visit Benjamitt coffee today, but it says it will reopen on 24th of April. Ended a 20 meters away in Toto cafe -same view towards the market - nice espresso.
  2. Thanks for the recommendations. I highly recommend the Bake n Brew - the problem is that it is not working at the moment, because of Songkran - I think they will reopen on 20 April Will try to Ploy coffee and the Malamute coffee this week as well (the second one looks really cool).
  3. I can recommend Jack as well - used his services many times and very happy. I remember he gave me a scooter that just refused to start at some point, but after 1 mile pushing from somewhere around Tukcom, he replace it with a ok one. But yes, I will rent from him again in a few months. AFAIK = "As far as I know." If you have international license that's good, I made one as well, because one of the last times in Pattaya (Feb 2018) I was fined 400 Baht for not having one.
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