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  1. My new Shure headphone buds arrived....nice !

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    2. luv u long time

      luv u long time

      SE215's. They are the same spec as the next ones up (prior to the whole range being upgraded). Amazon is cheapest at a promo rate of £75. bargain.

    3. McFly


      How are they compared to the SE425 or SE535, besides price?

    4. luv u long time

      luv u long time

      I've been waiting for a while to get them. I think the SE535's offer the best sounds, but you are paying serious money for them. I tried out the range and I couldn't work out what was better between the se315 and 425's. I also felt the SE215's that I bought were HUGELY better than the entry level range, but marginally inferior to the 315. Amazon's promo price sold it the whole thing and bought them for £75. Loving them.

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