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  1. what happened to Tomas?

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    2. Rustybullethole


      he,ll be back with his 6th username. he,s working i now. its a toss up between Tom, Tomm, Tomy, Tommie, Tomat.......you get the picture.

    3. Ghost Of Steptoe

      Ghost Of Steptoe

      Paddy Last ,you watch



      WTF,I did not check status updates & started new thread about it

  2. Wheels Up....284 days (sigh!)

    1. yumyum


      beat you, 146 doh

    2. Spar10


      We may be there at the same time :(

    3. garrydirty


      why do u do it to yourself?

  3. Time to troll :-D

    1. Up2You


      relaxing on this side of the wall ain't it :)

    2. Quietguy


      Glad you aren't disappearing in cyberspace.

  4. Bangkok Baby !!...so no PMs for help with the forum pls :-)

    1. Kendo UK

      Kendo UK

      have a good trip!

  5. For all you dirty feckers who like GGs....nice ! http://www.efukt.com/20968_Uber_Hot_Dork_Learns_How_To_Masturbate.html

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    2. icebergjr.


      Unlike JimJim it did turn me on as I like the amateur stuff so much better than the pro stuff! Wow! what a hottie,thanks for the link LULT!



      Its such animalistic! But I teally like it!


    4. icebergjr.


      I'm also just jealous I can't be paid"$300" for a wank 5555.

  6. My new Shure headphone buds arrived....nice !

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    2. luv u long time

      luv u long time

      SE215's. They are the same spec as the next ones up (prior to the whole range being upgraded). Amazon is cheapest at a promo rate of £75. bargain.

    3. McFly


      How are they compared to the SE425 or SE535, besides price?

    4. luv u long time

      luv u long time

      I've been waiting for a while to get them. I think the SE535's offer the best sounds, but you are paying serious money for them. I tried out the range and I couldn't work out what was better between the se315 and 425's. I also felt the SE215's that I bought were HUGELY better than the entry level range, but marginally inferior to the 315. Amazon's promo price sold it the whole thing and bought them for £75. Loving them.

  7. Feckin spamming fecking feckers !! Thanks for all the reports lads.

  8. Just walked through a shopping all in a UK town....IM FUCKING SICK OF IT ! I need an LB cock with a cute face looking down on me !

    1. Solice


      Im with you on that one matey, get me the fuck outa here

    2. Up2You


      I hear ya LULT, luckily im there in a could of weeks :)

    3. luv u long time

      luv u long time

      Up2You that is REALLY helping me (not!)

  9. Mate, TT is on holiday, therefore, won't be accessing his PMs just now. Im on limited 3G access for now, so please send me a PM (I haven't received any PM from you with regards to your request). Deletion of accounts is not a routine request, and is extremely labour intensive. Give me a PM and we can discuss. Cheers LULT
  10. Bourne Ultimatum has just started on TV....Ooo yeah !

    1. American Eagle

      American Eagle

      I enjoy that whole series, but need a break, I've seen them too many times.


  11. Just booked for next April.....£780 !!!!

    1. garrydirty


      tooooooooooo much. whos that with lult?

    2. Rinzler


      Next April? Wow. thats a long wait.

      Wish you well.


    3. luv u long time

      luv u long time

      Emirates. Most companies are quoting in excess of £800. Im stopping off in Dubai for a week after, but that's only another £10. I maybe booking too early b4 any promo's are listed. Ah well. Its done now.


  12. Just booked for next April.....£780 !!!!

  13. Normal service from LULT has been resumed (whatever that is !)

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    2. Terry Tibbs

      Terry Tibbs

      I blame the amount of jizz in my keyboard.

    3. Solice


      Yours or somebody elses :)

    4. luv u long time

    1. MrMercury


      have a great holiday ;-)

    2. Solice


      Do we get a trip report? Have a nice break mate wherever you are going

    3. luv u long time

      luv u long time

      This is just family R&R on a farm in the UK mate.

      Thanks for the wishes

  15. ....and that's why you have 0% warning on your meter. Everyone has a warn meter (even the Mods !!! )
  16. Im not sure what posts you are refering to, but if a newbie member is going of the rails a little and needs posts removed, we will generally have to clean the thread up and remove replies to what have now become removed posts. It may be that. We would normally PM BMs if we have done that, but I know for the last few weeks, my time has been quite limited so have been quick reading, trouble-shooting and off again, so I may have not PMd you (if indeed it was me, and further indeed this was what happened). To answer your question though, there has been no data loss. Cheers LULT
  17. 30,000 members. FARKING HELL !

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    2. syleeds


      no chat or messaging.....why??

    3. chrishollo


      why cant i view anything


    4. chrishollo


      why cant i view anything


  18. The pics are fine for me, but I know that server company (different from the domain company) has been saying there are a number of complaints re 'now I see them, now I don't" pics. pattaya addicts has also had on-off probs recently, but the server co. are saying they are looking into it to see whats happening. I know the server co. can often tinker about to spread the memory load more evenly and this data transfer can affect what is viewable intermittently. We'll keep an eye on this issue and do all we can.
  19. If they are private pics from a BM from another board, then I think its a bit of a foul if we can't give credit. Especially as many of the BMs may be here as well. So from that point, it would be better to stay away from that if you can't give a link to the credit. Re pro-pics, well, they are all over the place, and in any case, most have their watermark on them, so they are cool.
  20. Loving Antartico calling LBs cocks a "Long Pussy" :-D

    1. antartico


      sometimes when i talk whit a ladyboy i ask:have you long pussy? and everytime them smile.

    2. terry


      he he ,gave me a chuckle also

  21. Backin up Auto-tune song. Toooo funny !!

  22. Welcome aboard Seanbeag TB thanks for the concern. We are truly humbled. Its good to see that our latent brothers are seeing the light, can shed a new skin and be transferring some of their hard drive content into this forum (hint hint ) Cheers LULT
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