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  1. Tomorrow I am flying to Thailand with Emirates. I like this airline but today they have annoyed me. For years now whenever I book my flights I always book my seats. I like to book aisle seats and book aisle seats as close to the front of economy as possible Tomorrow I am flying Manchester - Dubai - Bangkok And I was able to book cheap flights with Emirates months and months ago And whilst I was online I was able to book the same aisle seat on all 4 flights. A row very near the front of economy and on the left hand side of the plane which is the side of the plane where the doors are located And I paid the 4 X £25 to have the seats I wanted on the 4 flights Anyway this morning I went online so that I can check in online. And whilst checking in online I noticed that Emirates have moved me 3 rows back on my Manchester to Dubai. It's only 3 rows BUT I paid £25 for the seat I wanted So I phoned Emirates to ask what has happened. And they said that it's a different A380 plane flying tomorrow from the one that was supposed to be have been flying. So you have to give me a different aisle seat but the front of the plane looks the same. And there is no reason why I cannot have the seat I originally paid £25 for. The guy on the phone said his system wont allow him to change the seat. So I will wait till I get to the airport tomorrow and check in at there desks. And see if they can give me the seat I paid for. Booking seats in advance used to be free so its annoying that I cannot have the seat I booked and paid for well in advance RANT OVER LOL
  2. iron I think it's tight but if the flights are being advertised then it's doable. If you do/did book these flights then I would pre-book my seat for the flight into Dubai. And book the seat as ner to the front as possible. This way your one of the first of the plane and one of the first from the plane to go through security. This should help you to get to your connecting flight qyucker
  3. I always used to queue at immigration but last year I decided I didnt want to queue anymore. So I booked to be fast tracked with BFS, And I was made up with the service. So earlier this year I was sad to read that BFS no longer provide this service. So when I heard that Bangkok Airport Limousine provide this service I was made up. I am flying to Thailand early next month. So this week I booked with them to be fast tracked through immigration. It cost me 1200 bant. And yesterday when I looked at my Credit Card details I saw that 1200 Baht translated to £28.02. I'm OK with that I could have paid extra for an electric cart but I am happy to walk plus I still have to wait for my suitcase at the carousel. So I don't mind walking. The main thing is I get through immigration quickly. Here is a link for anybody whose never used them but think they might use them in the future https://www.limousine.in.th/fasttrack.php
  4. I'm flying out to Thailand on the 7th December with the Emirates and flying home on the 4th January. As I am flying from Manchester I have to change flights in Dubai. Cost of my flights are £656 which I'm happy with. Could have got £70 knocked of my price if I had part payed with my air miles that I had earned with them from my previous flight but decided against it. Will earn more air miles from my flights in December/January so will use all my air miles to bring down the price with my next booking Nearer the time I will go online and pay £5 to be fast tracked through security at Manchester airport
  5. Hi Botafogo it must have been a few years ago that your friends stayed at the Welcome Plaza because in recent years the hotel has had major refurbishment. And the rooms now look very nice. A few years ago the hotel did look a bit tired and rundown but as I say the rooms have been refurbished. Also other area's have been refurbished. Even the pool side bar has been upgraded plus a walk in Jacuzzi has been added to the swimming pool. In December I will be in Pattaya for a month and I will take some photo's of the hotel and post the photo's here. Over the years I have taken girls and Ladyboys back to the hotel and have never had a problem. And I have taken 2 bar fines back to the hotel for the night and have not had a problem. I've never tried to take back three
  6. The hotel I stay at when I'm in Pattaya the Welcome Plaza in South Pattaya is LB friendly
  7. I don't have anything against getting a bus from the airport to Pattaya I just prefer to pre book a taxi The driver is always in the airport waiting for me and when we meet at the Meeting Point (By Door 3) he will carry my suitcase to his taxi. And then drive me straight to the front of my hotel. I think this is so much better than doing a bus ride
  8. In facebook there is a Pattaya Food Club Group and every day one of the owners posts The Bite Me Bistro's daily specials So if your a member of Facebook it might be worth joining this group https://www.facebook.com/groups/537360902991581/
  9. I'll be visiting Pattaya next month And I always eat Fish & Chips at Palmers Bar in soi 13/4(Pattayaland soi 2) The Chips are proper thick chips and the fish is great Palmers Bar is well worth a visit
  10. Years ago I used to fly with emirates and always found them to be a good airline. In recent years I've flown with other years in particular i flew with Etihad who were a good airline. Recently I felt there standards dropped. So earlier this year a friend told me that he had received an email from Emirates and that they are doing special offers for December. So I went online and booked flights with them for £604 which is a great price for that time off year. I'm still a member of the Skywards FF programme so I will earn airmiles with them. And my flight times are a perfect fit for me. I fly from Manchester at 8:45 in the morning and only have a 2hr 45min stopover at Dubai. Which will allow me time to have a beer in transit and then my next flight gets me to Suvarnabhumi Airport at 7:35am the next morning. So I should be in Pattaya by 10:30am in the morning, My return flights are also perfect because my flight from Suvarnabhumi takes off at 20:35 which means that my last night in Pattaya I can party till late. And I will only be in transit in Dubai for only 2hrs 10mins. More time for a beer or two. And I arrive back at Manchester airport at 7am in the morning. Just perfect for me. When I made the booking I had a problem with Emirates so I had to phone Emirates to complete the booking. And whilst making the booking I booked my seats. I always like booking aisle seats and aisle seats in rows as close to the front of economy as possible. I like aisle seats because I can go the toilet without disturbing anybody. And even though I dont have a problem with flying I like to sit at the front of economy so I can get of the plane fairly quickly. So I was supprised when I was given seat 42C for my two flights between Dubai and BKK. I asked if they had made a mistake giving me a seat in row 42. And they said no because in a 380 plane row 42 is the first row in economy. So I am very interested in seeing a 380 plane
  11. I've eaten fish and chips in many places in Pattaya and my favourite is Palmers Bar in Soi 13/4 (Pattayaland soi 2). It does a great fish and chips. So it is well worth a visit
  12. Ive been in transit at Schipol airport a couple of times and have never had a problem. And I think the transit time off 90 minutes will be OK. I dont think the airline would do this booking if time was an issue
  13. Business class is a lot better than economy so if you can afford to fly business class then book business class. I can only afford economy but I always join an airlines FF club because amongst a number of reasons theres always a chance of a free upgrade on flights and your chances of a free upgrade increases by being a member of the airlines FF club
  14. I wouldnt mind that happening to me on the ferry boat that takes me from Pattaya pier to Koh Larn
  15. Each time I fly to Thailand I always try to be one of the first passengers of my flight and then walk has quickly has possible to immigration. The quicker I get there the quicker I can get through immigration also by walking very quickly I should be one of the first from my flight to get to immigration
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