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  1. £431 heathrow to bkk on BA booked for june …. done stop overs and direct .. like willson said jet air ways a nightmare for security sooo many people …. done a emirates stop over on xmas day got food poisoning on the first leg missed the connection took three days to get to bkk via hongkong .. they allways over book there flights as I found out any way any flight that gets you to Thailand is ok with me
  2. the A380 is awesome , flew from dubai to hongkong when i got stuck there due to food poisoning , thanks emirates ,on xmas day they could not get me on a bkk flight for three days due to over booking the small boing planes . anyway out off 600 plus seats on the A380 the whole plane had 68 passengers so not just a couple of seats extra we all had whole rows for our selves and the same into bkk by the way never flown emirates again
  3. was thinking of going to fly china airways from London to bkk there flying 787 boings so should be good 17 hour flight not bad . every one has one bad tail to tell off an air line jet air ways very poor my worst time was with emirates food poisoning missed flight stuck in the airport 3 days till I could get a flight to bkk all over xmas
  4. flew BA last time food was good had a bad turn with emirates food poisoning miss connecting flight stuck 2 days in airport for next flight what a xmas that was
  5. got food poisoning on a emirates flight from uk to bkk spent 4 days stuck in the airport on standby waiting for a flight over our xmas period nevermind got to bkk for new year after a flight to hongkong to get there
  6. hi just reading this thread both manufactures are A class builders of there product . And sometimes it takes time for problems to evolve anyone remember the Comet it took several years of use before there problem come to light :Electric Shock:
  7. do KLM fly through want to try there new draft beer service on flights and birmingham not to fare away
  8. hi just heard that K L M are serving draft beer on flights hope all airlines follow suit i like a nice pint while flying to bangkok hope some one can find out more info
  9. why the hell would u be a back packer trying to save a quid on a room . just spent 20 mins on my puter found a flight from uk to bkk via paris for 350 pounds with 1.5stop over also on holiday lettings got a villa in jontiam private pool bbq and free use of motor bike 5 mins from walking street 18 pounds for 7 nights :Blow Heart: i could not believe either so im on my way on the 1st of may just look theres deals about
  10. any one tried thai airways 2nd flight on the same day the late flight . mate off mine flys each way every month usually eva but last couple off trips used thai and told me the second flight allways empty sounds good and cheap on par to eva
  11. hi anyone got advise for thai internal flights got to get from bkk to ratchathane asap when i get to bkk
  12. had my rant about emirates :Angry (With Teeth): got food poisoning 20 hours to fix another flight then had to fly to hong kong another 20 hour round trip but we got there in end
  13. FUCK emirates got food poisoning on a xmas eve / day stop over . got sorted in the airport ok doctors and cert to fly but trying to sort a flight to bkk USELESS . as helpfull as a bikini in a snow storm . allflights full come back later all we got . sorry i wasnt the only one who got sick . we tried every thing different airlines even different airport all we got can not do come back later . eventually some one got dave and i a flight . i teamed up with dave both of us at hospital spuing in sequence . we got a flight to hongkong then to bkk but with a stop over , we stepped on the plain a new airbus 380 sat down in mins the door closed and off went NOW ITS RANT TIME . A 380 hold 400 plus people one hundred and fucking twenty people on this plain and when we flew in to bkk 82 people on the plain why the fuck they didnt swop plains to get rid off the back log off people waiting to get to bkk any way had a fantastic time on my stop over and even better when i got to thai the flight cost me £270 not bad for another 4000 miles NO AIRPORT TAX only fly direct now eva or thai can find some good deals if u look
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