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  1. When there is a star it means you left a message in this thread in the past When there is a dot it means you haven't read the last messages
  2. Does fast track really worth it ? on the 6 times i came in LOS, taking the normal track queue for immigration, i never arrived at the luggage section without having to wait for the carrousel to start. So i can think that in final, those taking the fast track might wait even more when they are in front of the carousel.
  3. ^^ each year i have 32 days of paid holidays and 11 other days ("3" RTT each quarter but if i don't take them i loose them at the end of the quarter)
  4. BTW, if you have a stop of more than 5 hours in Doha, Qatar Airways offer you a tour of the city http://dohahamadairport.com/shop/qta-toursi did it once two years ago, you go to the counter, give your passport and plane ticket, they go to the immigration with it and make you a fast visa. then a guy come and pick you up to a minibus for the visit, nice way to wait your next flight
  5. Received this week an email from qatar airways about their Qatar Airways Travel Festival (same offer duke007 is speaking of) http://click.icptrack.com/icp/relay.php?r=19838242&msgid=269388&act=Z56K&c=223895&destination=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.qatarairways.com%2Ffr%2Ffr%2Foffers%2Ftravel-festival.page%3Fcid%3DEMFR919690 I found tickets Paris->Bangkok for 430 € for March ... very tempting
  6. For the little story I have been circumcised at 23 years old, due to phimosis, i couldn't retract my foreskin when i had a hard on (when it was "sleeping", it was ok to retract it), and it was hurting if i wanted to try. The operation by itself was painless (general anaesthetic) but the more difficult was the few weeks after when i had morning wood while i was still having the stitches, i never had more pain. Now, everything is going well, but you have to understand that you will loose sensations on your head compared to now. I would say that you have to count about 1 month and an half being out of service (the last weeks you can do it but i did it ultra-lubricated so the skin is not forced), that is what i waited, maybe it can be shorter, but i was a little bit scared to do it too early with my girlfriend. Also, as before my head was all the time "hidden" by my foreskin, when i got circumcised the first weeks were quite weird as it was over sensitive all the time due to the contact with my underwears, but with time it get less sensitive. +1 think about it
  7. When my former TGF came to see me at home, she was afraid not to find her food here, in her luggage she had a lot of food, like soy/fish/oyster sauce, noodles, curry paste, even tea. When she saw that there was an asian supermarket not far (i did told her that before) she had a very big smile as she found everything she needed. And she told me "If i trusted you i would have lighter luggages and more shoes" 5555.
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