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  1. They work out a new route. A i read a 45 minutes longer flight must be necessary and in this case B777 planes must have a pit stop.
  2. Thai Airways also orederd back his planes who started already to Europe
  3. On YouTube there r brand New videos from BKK Airport!!! A complete Chaos!!!
  4. If it is a nightflight i prefer direct flights. Last december i used Thai Airways from Frankfurt. I must say it was the Phuket flight. Means first land was in Phuket. And Immigration was in Phuket too. No Passport control in BKK. Flights Back from BKK r most in nightime so direct is pretty fine. Even 11 hours r Hardcore. An afternoon flight from here over VAE is okay too. A no go ist an early das start like Oman Air around 11 am. Even i not far from Frankfurt Airport. Reason ist for an early flight U must stand Up in the middle of the night The best on long flights is when they over!
  5. Sounds interesting! Thx for Feedback (not feetback) And safety ranked under top 20 of 409 Airlines. And as u mentioned they use new dreamliners. And under 400 Euro!
  6. Thx for posting. Now i know why they cheap.
  7. Have someone flight with them? They offer low season price Frankfurt to BKK for 372 Euro. They use Dreamliners and as i read they belong to the 20 saftiest airlines.
  8. I had the flight with Thai Airways Last friday for 550 € Saturday had Bern 300 € Note IT was the Frankfurt -Phuket -Bkk flight The Immigration was in Phuket. BKK No Passport Control
  9. Wheels Up in 48 hours! Hope my eyes r not dissapointing ne!

  10. Except peak season all flights r cheap to Thailand! No reason to take a china airline or an exotic airline. I pay 550 for Thai in december! Afew euros more as one of these chinese airlines. And not more expensive as one of Allah's airlines! And i not have camelfuckers on board! Angie gave us enough of them already.
  11. Next month i will be back there! Found the menu offer on her facebook side! Areal good offer! Cannot waite to try it!
  12. That's the reason i took this flight on 7th ! Strange that my flight is more cheap as the flight of 2 mates! They just boarding at the Thai evening flight in Frankfurt. They paid 100€ more.for november
  13. What a difference one da can make. The attachment is from Thai Airways webpage. I booked for 550 Euro and of cause for 7th not for 8th
  14. Is a dry airlines. No alcohol.. Nothing sprcial. They want passport copy in the case u booking: 2 friends had a flight with them last year.
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