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  1. I'm not going to be a lot of help here, as I go to www.evaair.com and don't search any further....
  2. I'm an EVA fan. Lived in Taiwan for a few years, so they became my "go to" airline even though I was Diamond on Delta for the longest time. Now that I am back in the states, EVA is still my first choice, though I fly out of Seattle. The Seattle flight departs around midnight with an early morning arrival in TPE. With an easy morning connection to Bangkok, I land in Bangkok around 11:30 in the morning. I love the mid-day arrival in Thailand. If you are talking about a premium economy ticket, I can't give you much input. I fly business only on long haul.
  3. This works for me, and is pretty simple to implement....
  4. Well, he was of Asian decent, beyond that I can't find a single thing listed in your post in any of the published news articles. Care to share you sources?
  5. United is going to pay a price for this, but if you read the article it wasn't a United flight, it was a United regional contractor, Republic Airlines. The four people removed from the flight were done so Republic should shuttle their own employees. Not sure what the legalities of something like this are, but it will be interesting to follow to see the outcome.
  6. ...or before they reach 30, then they become 25
  7. Just curious, how many 19th birthdays has she had? She blocked me when I asked her last year
  8. About a year ago, I had a Visa card hacked. I can't prove it, but I think it happened in Pattaya. The reason I think that is I was living in Taiwan at the time and never used my card there. I did use the card twice in Pattaya, both times at big box locations like hotel and department store. About a week after I returned from Pattaya the first fraudulent charge showed up in my online banking. I called my bank and discovered another 14 charges that had not cleared yet. The total hit was about $750 USD. Some one had used my card to setup a PayPal account and went on a shopping spree. The bank canceled the card, and reversed all the charges back to PayPal. In the end it didn't cost me anything but heartache. To answer a question above, yes, anyone that handles your card has all the information necessary to copy it. I got lucky, but I learned some very valuable lessons from it.
  9. Never happened to me in Thailand, but it has in Taiwan, Singapore and Japan. Taiwan was the only place they notified me of it. Had a sign at the baggage carousel with my name on it. When I asked, they told me one of my two bags missed the connection from Seattle. Thank you TSA. They needed a closer look at my golf clubs. However, in Singapore and Japan, it was the same as you describe. Other than the inconvenience of doing without for a night, everything was delivered to my hotel the next day.
  10. I have never used the "fast track" services, but since I fly business class, I do get to use the priority lines both inbound and outbound. Inbound is the shorter immigration line, but I just wait longer for luggage. Outbound I not only get the priority immigration, but also the priority security screen. Never a line at either one. I am usually 15 minutes from check-in to the airline lounge on the outbound leg. Still have the same wait for the flight, but i hate standing in lines..
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