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  1. Bangkok Airport Limousine is still operating the fast track service as described above. Used them for the second time earlier this month. Meet and greet with or without electric cart and qith or without taxi service. 1200 baht basic fastrack. This is not the original BFS company who are no longer offering the service.
  2. Agree with the non stop option given a choice, but when EVA and Thai were both £1000 - £1300 for the last month, Economy, i couldnt bring myself to pay it. Those are xmas prices! Anyone comes on here and tells me they are cheaper now (refuse to check!), i will cry. Apparently non direct from Glasgow were around £1000 for the same week according to C̶e̶l̶t̶i̶c̶ GlasgowRob.
  3. Just booked with Emirates from Heathrow to BKK with a stop in Dubai, been years since i flew non direct and usually go with Thai over Eva depending on price. Have flown Royal Jordanian with a 6 hour stop in Amman, not good. Flew a few times with Jet Airways with a stop in Mumbai, total chaos at security and vowed never again. Hiwever, there is a new Terminal 2 in Mumbai but the transit in still one hour according to their Twitter. Flights in April were around £1000 minimum in April direct and £5-600 non direct so it was a no brainer to go with Emirates. Not heard any bad reports and only 6.5 both legs with about 2 hours transit, acceptable imo. Slid the holiday back a week to get that price so it wasn't Easter prices that i can see. Looking at direct in July and November, less than £500 so it will be back to Thai and Eva without a second thought. Usually sleep for 8 if those hours so always preferred direct.
  4. Great addition to The Hideaway, great idea Andy, or was is someone else..?! Ate there most days, from the Panini in the afternoon with the 2 for 1 coffee or enjoyed the ribs, mixed grill and certainly the sausage egg and chips. The chicken was the most tender i have had in a long time. Specials looked good too but couldn't get away from the grilled food. Need a diet before the next trip. Highly recommended by me and everyone i know that ate there over the last 2 weeks.
  5. Used Hertz in Naklua once, took a Fortuner from Pattaya to Chiang Mai and dropped off at CNX. Walked in and booked it for pick up the following day. Cannot remember the price, was a 2 or 3 years ago so probably wouldnt be relative now anyway but for flexibility it served the purpose.
  6. Good job EB, can you keep us posted if all ok please?
  7. It was definitely worth it with carry on bag only. Know what you mean though, the is a longer wait at the baggage claim if you do use it, unless very lucky. It did happen occasionally. I just hated the immigration queue and got to stand chatting to the pretty BFS girl waiting for my bag 555
  8. Emailed BFS for explanation and just received the following. Good while it lasted..
  9. I have just sent a speculative booking request to Bangkok Airport Limousine through their website for November and have been asked for 1200 baht to secure the booking. Doesn't mean that it will be accepted and will not try to pay, (havent booked my flight yet) but at least it wasnt rejected as Essex Boy's was.. Just wonder if it is only BFS that have stopped the service. They appear to have been the cheapest. I googled VIP at Suvarnabhumi and there seem to be a few. Will try properly in a few months once flight is booked.
  10. For further information, we would like to inform that if we need to decide to cancel any flight, the main reason should be about our dear passengers' safety. There may have some technical problem occurred. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Getting a bit twitchy as they cancelled my flight in March so I tweeted them to ask why so many cancellations and got the above reply. Its for our own safety apparently haha. No updates on the original message, flying end of June so hopefully flights are nearer capacity then although looking at the seat plan, there aint a lot behind me in row 50 odd.
  11. http://www.ladyboyspattaya.com/topic/29344-fast-track-or-not/?fromsearch=1 Think this is what you're after. Used them a few times and would always do so going in. The only delay is waiting for your bag outside but, you have a little cutie to talk to while you wait 555
  12. This is from their website jist now, will be keeping an eye on it, thanks for the heads up
  13. Skyscanner for me. Had shit loads of trouble last month with the snow here, Thai emailed to say flight was doubtful, agent changed flight at no cost. Contacted Thai in BKK on morning of flight and was told it was definitely on but agent said not. Spoke to Thai again who guaranteed me on the flight so agent changed it back, no cost from either. Was expecting surchages from both tbh but pleasantly surprised. Skyscanner are cheaper that booking direct with airline in my experience.
  14. Guess we're spoilt for choice at Heathrow, 3 direct carriers twice daily and just over an hour to get to the airport from where i live. Happy to save £100 on an indirect flight but have had some horror stopovers in Amman and Mumbai previously hence wanting the direct flight lately. Never flown to Dubai or with Emirates, heard its an ok flight without much of a wait in between. In all honestly i would take a slow boat to drag myself back there but given the choice out of LHR, direct for me every time except at close to £700 a pop, that's just too much.
  15. Stopovers are an option and always cheaper. Personally, i would rather pay the extra and not have to stop off anywhere. On the plane and sleep for 10 hours suits me fine.
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