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  1. The breakfast in Baku guesthouse is very good. If you have a room there you even get 10 % discount. The medium breakfast there is 165 Baht and the large breakfast is 250 Baht.Both are very good and lasts nearly the whole day.
  2. Of course Istambul (or Konstantinopel as my greek neighbor still calls it) is a wonderful city, but do not forget 90 per cent of the antique sites are greek and christian (or roman). Only the mosques are islamic. Even the archetype of a mosque, the Hagia Sopia (as shown in the picture above) was built from the greek emperor Justinian in the 6th century. The blue mosque was built from the Osmans 1000 years later. I have been to Turkey five times to visit the greek and roman sites, but I will never go there again as long as Erdogan rules the country and tries to turn Turkey in a islamic republic. And of course I will not fly via Istambul (or Konstantinopel). Shame Atatürk is dead. He would have hanged Erdogan up !!
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