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  1. £472. I can only leave at night, several other flights were much cheaper. Oman Air was less than £400
  2. Just bought a ticket for May 17th, £23 each way to book a seat-
  3. Flights from? Looking at a LHR-BKK departing May7th-May28th, £ 311. Moreover the whole month prices no more than £400 on KAYAK.CO.UK FRA-BKK is £385 same dates.
  4. I did twice JFK-BKK, it was nice. 17 hours, First time we went over northern Europe, second time Polar route. It helped I was alone on at the back with no one next to me. Another time 2 of us for 4 seats. I would love to do it. Done lots of time JFK-HKG clocked at 15 hours. If I get a job in London I am going to do just for fun.
  5. And if i pay the duty on the second bottle of wine? Or can i buy more at BKK duty free? Is it allowed like in London when arriving? Thanks
  6. I am bringing in 15 perfumes for the girls, 2 bottles of wines, some Bayleys and tons of chocolates. I usually go through NOTHING TO DECLARE, never been stopped
  7. It happened to me in Santo Domingo. A bloke wanted to borrow a few hundreds dollars saying his brother was trying to kill me and in a few days he would receive 3 billion liras from his mother and........
  8. JR69


    Hello guys, I never used this stuff. I have high blood pressure, any problems if I take it? Haven't been to the doctor in 8 months. I have 8 days and wanna be fucked by at least 24 ladyboys, maybe 32. So I need it-
  9. 5 nights with breakfast in July £150.
  10. I have just travelled LGW-DXB-BKK-DXB-LHR 2 sectors of 6.5-7 hours. Great. I would rather fly a 12 hours and a 2 hours but my primary concern is fare and saving £200 it means having a day and half or even 2 in Pattaya. And if I feel extra generous a full day of fucking and drinking.
  11. Probably, but direct means 1 stop. He should have said NON-STOP. Anyway, with £250 extra, how many ladyboys?
  12. I have only 75 minutes this coming Saturday. On my way to Dubai I cleared in 30 minutes and it was packed. EK has quite a few flights to to both BKK and London. Honestly I would not mind missing the connection just to check if they can upgrade me to business a gesture of goodwill. But this is wishful thinking.
  13. OK, I have found AIR CHINA £331, OMAN AIR £368, ETIHAD £380. For my money Etihad is a winner. Same dates as yours, on KAYAK.CO.UK.
  14. And I paid $630 on Continental-Northwest back in 2006 from MCO. Then it was a deal, now is great for you. If you get a 747-400 your are in for a though time; a 777-200 PMCO much better. Enjoy, as I am enjoying right now. Off thread, I just woke next to a hottie, who sucked, fucked and licked me like there is no tomorrow. To see her again, note to self.
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