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  1. Many people ask me which is the best Indian restaurant in pattaya. I have eaten at most of the known Indian restaurants in pattaya and this particular restaurant is the best in my view. Maharani restaurant in Royal Cliff resort near cosy beach. By far the best Indian food I have had. Everything cooked to perfection, really nice staff and given that it is in a five star resort it is still reasonably priced. To add to the excellent food it has the best view. Have uploaded the pictures here. BTW Beware of the soi dogs if going in the night, they don't like the smell of Indian food. 555
  2. aussiemale

    How do you guys stay healthy in Pattaya?

    You really think so ? 7 guys a day ? so you think they making between 50,000 to 100,000 bt a week depending if it's LT or ST or up to 400,000 a month...I'm gonna go and get a sex change change my name to Lirapohn and go to Pattaya.