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  1. Botafogo

    Pakistani airspace closed

    Further Development.
  2. LordJim

    Pakistani airspace closed

    You need to look at a globe of the world to understand that the most direct route is what navigators call the great circle route ...which is a straight line on a globe . This straight line literally disects the globe 50/50 between the two way points Whereas on a conventional chart (map ) it may seem that the shortest course is different, you must remember that in order to produce a flat image of the route on a piece of paper the cartographer (mapmaker ) has to stretch the northerly and southerly areas so that their scale is different ...(Its called a Mercator Projection ) In a nutshell going North is shorter Having said all that ...many other factors need to be considered ...jet Stream / favourable winds / fuelling stops and ports of refuge etc etc Cheers Lord Jim / Master Mariner