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  1. Welp looks like between Baku, The Hideaway, and this my old butt has found my Pattaya neighborhood for eternity. It's amazing after numerous trips what you can find if you actually READ the forum.
  2. Dowdy Demon

    Yamato Japanese Restaurant

    Thank you for this. Looks like 'm the only foodie around but hey...at least it's now on the list.
  3. Dowdy Demon

    taxi to pattaya from bkk updates ?

    +1 for Nam's Taxi. Used her my last trip and service was superior in every way. My driver was May, (I think...I'm old..I forget shit..), and she reminded me of an "Aunt Agnes" type. Totally sweet and professional and a pure joy to be around. Requested her for return trip also. I think I paid 1200 Baht but in honesty I don't remember but tipped the shit out of her anyway so what's it matter? I never quarrel over who pays what..how you spend your damn money is your damn business. Just relaying that Nam's service was outstanding.
  4. Dowdy Demon

    Expensive Times For Flights.

    I feel your pain. Since the embargo of Qatar flights have skyrocketed. Flights from DOH-BKK are now over $1000 where they used to run $500 during sales and $740 or so otherwise. I've never been brave enough to fly Sri Lankan or Jet Airways with their stops and taking 9-12 hours when Qatar can get me there non-stop in 6.5 or so but for their $500-$600 fares...I'm about to be setting beside some curry lovin bastards on my next trip.