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  1. hellah

    I'm nok on Pattaya

    Gold better than new iphone?
  2. hellah

    Friendly hotel

    The vast majority of hotels and guesthouses in Pattaya are LB friendly.
  3. hellah

    Is It Worth The Moneyß

    With all the mongers being in Pattaya, poontang back home is on a discount.
  4. hellah

    Viagra damages your eyes

    TLDR: An idiot consumed a ridiculous amount of viagra which made his eyes bleed.
  5. hellah

    Another scam

    I did not get one
  6. hellah

    Levitra vs. Viagra

  7. hellah

    Levitra vs. Viagra

    Viagra works quicker but also gives more side effects like head ache and runny nose. If you still have a prescription you might be able to get real Levitra at a legit pharmacy in Thailand. I'd estimate about 90% of Pattaya's finest take viagra clones and drink too much. They haven't been dropping dead but as always YMMV.
  8. hellah

    Bareback porn

    Are you also confused when you watch bareback straight porn?
  9. hellah

    Any anti vaxxers out there?

    Population explosion...
  10. hellah

    I'm nok on Pattaya

    Looks like there are still good men in Pattaya.
  11. hellah

    Rail link from BKK

    Meter is probably cheaper but after midnight the drivers will likely try to drive without the meter. From recollection, if you're are going to the Nana area with the meter on it will be about 350-400 all-in (there is surcharge for airport and toll express way). If you make a deal for say 400 or 500 make sure he will use the express way as it is usually much faster.
  12. hellah

    Ladyboys To Avoid

    Now we know were they got the idea
  13. hellah

    Very Slow Toshiba Satellite

    Look at task manager when you have chrome browser open. It loves to take up cpu, especially with many windows open.
  14. You would have to cross sukhumvit and walk a bit on central road to catch the baht bus in the direction of beach road. There will probably be one waiting to fill up. It might take a while to fill up.