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  1. hellah

    hiv paranoia

    Very very much more likely she (or anybody else you swapped spit with) infected you with strep throat or something like that.
  2. hellah

    IT finally happened to me !!!!

    Let us know how it went. I'm also interested in opening a Thai bank account. Biggest hurdle seem to be that you need some sort of proof that you have a proper address and not just a hotel. But I'm sure LazyJay's friend has ways around that.
  3. hellah

    don muang airport

    Last time I was there it looked almost finished. Stations build etc. Would have thought it would be open earlier.
  4. hellah

    Thai sentenced to 9 years for murder..

    It was the number quoted by Escobar in the show Narcos. I subsequently googled it (as many others did) and it appeared true for the time period based on US gov numbers. With the current sky high drug trade related murder numbers in central america and mexico it is probably substantially higher.
  5. hellah

    Thai sentenced to 9 years for murder..

    Don't know the numbers for meth but for cocaine it is about 6 deaths per kilogram.
  6. hellah

    visa overstay

    Agreed with Herberth. And once they stamp you in make sure to check immediately that they've given you the 30 day one. Sometimes they make a mistake and grab the wrong stamp.
  7. Whenever I'm in the country side I'm utterly amazed at these Thai ladies working the wet rice fields in the blazing sun. Same goes for the rest of SE asia. And I doubt the men work less hard. Downside is that they are probably physically spend at 40. That is when they start to get lazy. Maybe they've earned it.
  8. hellah

    Credit card at hotel check-in

    That sucks right before your holiday. I've only stayed at lower end hotels (500-1200 baht range) in Bangkok and Pattaya. When booked online (agoda) the hotels never asked for my credit card at checkin and most of the time all the money is charged by agoda at the time of booking and sometimes a week or so before arrival. It depends on the deal you get for the room price (cheap&non-refundable vs dearer/refundable) and the policies of the hotel. Check your CC statement to see if all has been payed. I don't think I've often been asked for a security deposit when booked through agoda but it is common when paying in cash. Have a good trip.
  9. hellah

    Tip to avoid travellers stomach

    Nothing is full proof but e.coli is the main one and the drug also appears to offer protection against several other common stomach bugs. And when you do get infected the symptoms are less severe. It works by blocking attachment of bacteria to the intestinal lining and not by killing them. Pretty neat if you ask me. Downside is that it is not cheap and should be taken with every meal.
  10. hellah

    Tip to avoid travellers stomach

    Didn't know that existed. Looks like a good preventive tab to take for those that are sensitive to stomach bugs.
  11. hellah

    Tip to avoid travellers stomach

    How long does it take to stop the symptoms after you started on cipro?
  12. hellah

    Tip to avoid travellers stomach

    In more ways than one.
  13. hellah

    Tip to avoid travellers stomach

    There is no evidence for that. But you might want to look into alcohol. Red wine and liquor are believed to reduce food poisoning because in case of a mass food poisoning people who drank alcohol with their meal are the least affected.
  14. hellah

    Tip to avoid travellers stomach

    Coke will not do anything except destroy your teeth. Stick with well cooked foods at popular eateries if you are sensitive to bugs.
  15. hellah

    Friendly hotel

    The vast majority of hotels and guesthouses in Pattaya are LB friendly.