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  1. hellah

    Flu or flu like

    Hard to tell if it's just a common cold unless a health care provider does a legit diagnosis. Symptoms like sore throat/coughing/fever can also be caused by several other things. For instance, it could be strep throat. Not unlikely for someone that has lots of intimate contacts. Strep throat should not be left untreated and require antibiotics.
  2. hellah

    Flu or flu like

    Sinusitis can also be bacterial. Please leave it up to a medical professional to diagnose which one it is.
  3. Yeah, Bell does pick up from BKK hotel and drop off at Pattaya hotel. About 350-400 baht.
  4. hellah

    Bag ransacking exposed

    You can find TSA masterkey blueprints on the internet and use a 3d printer to get your hands on a copy. I would imagine thieves on airports have those nowadays. Best to use a non-zipper suitcase which has holes for a padlock. If the TSA or other non-US security wants to get in they can cut the lock and you're only out of a padlock and not lose the entire suitcase. If they do the scan near the drop off area you could also wait in case they want to open your suitcase. Nowadays I don't put any valuables in my suitcase and just leave the locks open. I do use a wrap around band in case of accidental opening.
  5. hellah

    Bangkok to Phnom Penh

    Why don't you like AirAsia? I've used them many times, also once for BKK-PP, and always seemed fine.
  6. hellah

    Direct Flight v Stop Over

    Both have advantages and disadvantages. If the stop is about halfway and takes 1.5 to 2 hours I'd say it's comparable to a direct flight. Gives some time to stretch the old legs and take a decent shit.
  7. hellah

    Visa Run Question

    You may or may not get questions/problems for not having a return ticket without a proper visa. I'm pretty sure that officially you need a return/outbound ticket that shows you're leaving within 30 days. On several occasions I had to sign waivers for the airline which said that they were not responsible. It depends on the airline. Never had issues at thai immigration itself. Make sure that at the minimum you have a believable story that you'll leave the country within 30 days. Maybe that you'll travel overland to Cambodia to visit Angkor Wat or something like that. I would not say that you intend to add 30 days to your visa exemption cause they might view that as gaming the system.
  8. hellah

    Contact info for ride from swamp to NANA

    Right before the platform is a superrich exchange booth that has good rates. Saves you the hassle of changing cash on Nana station or Vasu.
  9. hellah

    Light beer

    San Miguel light is my beer of choice in Thailand. Tasty and less of a hangover next day compared to Leo. But it's light because of calories not because of alcohol. Beer with less than 5% is generally only suited for the British (they compensate with volume).
  10. hellah

    How do you guys stay healthy in Pattaya?

    In my experience moldy airco's are often the cause for throat/nose problems.
  11. hellah

    How do you guys stay healthy in Pattaya?

    Those symptoms could be anything. That doc not doing any tests is pretty bad. Better check again when you're at home. Fingers crossed you didn't actually catch herpes.
  12. hellah

    IT finally happened to me !!!!

    Well, those videos have been on youtube for several years. Even one were a guy opened a hotel safe with a potato. Fact is, if someone really wants to steal your stuff from your room you're screwed. The only realistic option to counter hotel room theft is keeping part of your stuff in an off-site safety deposit box. Something like this: https://siamsecure.co.th/safebox.html
  13. It used to be a pickup joint like the beer garden in Bangkok. Kicking out the GGs and upping the food quality did well for this place.
  14. hellah

    Boner Pills Cause Deafness?

    Wouldn't surprise me. It can give you a bloody nose and bloody eyes, so changes are it can also make your ears bleed. Course it could also be that guys get deaf by the screams of ecstasy from the LBs.