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  1. Rambo - Sir !

    You made a comment about an older ladyboy called Noy. (Said her father was Brazilian )  I have tried to contact her through Thai Friendly, but she has not used her site in a long while. Do you have any contact details. Sorry to PM you, but our moderators have altered the site and I am now not too comfortable with it - Yet .

    Regards.   dannymurray 

    1. Rambo2201


      I sent you a PM Danny

  2. dannymurray


    Depends what you want to use it for. To take videos of yourself in action. To see if anybody is stealing from your room, or even take pictures. From Amazon is a good model. Tek Magic 8 GB Multi function camera. Costs about UKP 65, and is the best cheaper one around. Others and cheaper available are not so good picture wise. Its also an alarm clock. dannymurray
  3. dannymurray

    Emirates fake oasis

    Seems that she has now been released from custody, and will be sent home at the expense of the authorities. By order of Sheik Mohammed the ruler. The whole story is strange. Of course you can drink alcohol on Emirates. Either she was pissed, and abusive or, as another member suggests , she was filming immigration people. No wonder that nice Mr Trump speaks of "Fake News ". dannymurray.
  4. dannymurray

    Qatar Airlines.

    Qatar airlines are having a rough time at the moment due to the restrictions put on them by their neighbors. Saw an interview with the chief executive,and he said that many other airlines will feel the pinch soon due to the higher price of oil, Having said that - their prices for the Winter season are still quite cheap at € 620 from Berlin to Bangkok and return. dannymurray
  5. dannymurray

    Turkish Airlines?

    Very good in the air, but lousy on the ground in Istanbul. Lack of English to customers, and poor attitude. If you are in Busíness class , a very good lounge. Enjoy your trip ! dannymurray.
  6. dannymurray


    Had this gall bladder problem many years ago, and after some considerable pain over a few weeks I had an operation. This took a few weeks to recover due to the old fashioned procedure of cutting your upper abdomen. Nowadays they go in through your groin , and its quick and a recovery takes a week or so. However ; all people are different, and its what the surgeon decides. I wish you well whatever you decide. dannymurray.
  7. dannymurray

    Opticians in Pattaya

    Pattaya Optic in Pattaya Klang. Owned and run by Mr Borachai who speaks perfect English. Its on the left hand side from No. 2 road Opposite Kasikorn bank. Have been going there for years, Inexpensive and good service. He is on Google. dannymurray
  8. dannymurray

    EVA Air

    I stand corrected. It seems that the latest additions to their fleet (777,s) will be fitted out with 10 seats across 3 X 4 X 3. Not too comfortable I would imagine. However still a good airline. dannymurray
  9. dannymurray

    EVA Air

    Surely that is the same as it is now. ? 3 +4 + 3 seats across the aircraft. Only in Elite class is it 2 + 4 + 2. Not sure about the pitch, but should stay the same. I may be wrong, but I am flying with them soon and have heard nothing. dannymurray
  10. dannymurray

    Economy vs Business class

    Have flown many times on Finair business class. and it was good. Nothing flashy like some of the Middle East Airlines, in fact rather homely. I was on their new Air Bus 350 with good seating - folding down into a bed. Service good and the stewardesses are not glamour girls, but everything you want is available. Enjoy your raindeer steak !! dannymurray
  11. dannymurray

    travelling through helsinki

    Helsinki is a small airport compared to other capital airports in Europe. Nothing is too far away - including your connection flight, and as Mr Snot suggests, if you purchase a lounge pass , it will be a pleasure. I assume you are flying Finnair. Good airline - if their stewardesses do look a bit like the Irish second row . Not the youngest. dannymurray
  12. dannymurray

    Travelling via Schipol Airport, Amsterdam

    Schipol is an enormous place, but 90 minutes should .be enough time to get to your connecting flight. Pay attention however to your onward flight, and if you have a boarding card. If not, you will have to find the transit desk of the airline you are flying with. For a major airport it is not well signposted, and as with all modern businesses it has fewer humans to help you, and more machine. I wish you a good flight ! dannymurray
  13. dannymurray

    New Feature: Book a Hotel in Pattaya

    I may be wrong, but I thought that one month was the booking limit for Agoda. For those who wish to stay longer I have no idea if they do a deal. A fair firm to deal with by the way. dannymurray
  14. dannymurray

    EVA Airways

    Have booked Eva Air next month from Amsterdam to Bangkok. In Elite class and at a good price € 1200. This is not a problem. However coming back to Amsterdam , they are having delay problems and I only have 90 minutes for my next connection. I think the delays are due to some kind of cock up at Bangkok airport, and nothing to do with Eva Air, but it is a pain. I hope it will improve in a week or two. Its not only for Eva air. dannymurray
  15. dannymurray

    German Smashed in the Face with Rock by Ladyboy

    Evidently when out for the evening in Jomtien always bring a rock. You might see a drunken Farang ! Danny murray.