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  1. zeppo

    Very Slow Toshiba Satellite

    Will this clean out my cookies? I have lots of passwords and logins for various sites and would prefer not to lose them.
  2. zeppo

    E-VISA, online application is coming!

    Did mine (UK) in the post 6 weeks ago and got it back within 6 days.
  3. zeppo


    If they let you book the ticket, then Emirates must think it is ok. More often than not I have to catch the underground train from one terminal to another to get my connection. Only a couple on mins on the train, but seems like a lot of walking generally.
  4. zeppo

    Cost of living in Thailand

    I did not see any hobbies mentioned in the article. Personally I would get bored if I did nothing but eat, drink, shag and sit around all day.
  5. zeppo

    Qatar Airlines.

    It has been rumoured that Thai will fly direct from MAN to BKK, I'd really welcome that option. The expansion is badly needed and the airport needs a good overhaul and re-design.
  6. zeppo

    Qatar Airlines.

    I wonder if they will ever use A380s from Manchester. I'm assuming that the expansion work being done will result in more gates being designed for A380. Only one A380 gate at the moment and that is ''owned'' by Emirates.
  7. zeppo

    Kimmy from Pattaya

    Totally incorrect. She is one of the best bottoms in the business
  8. zeppo

    Cost of living in Thailand

    sorry Kiwi, I haven't done it. This link might help. https://www.route66thailand.com/
  9. zeppo

    Cost of living in Thailand

    I'm guessing the monthly cost of running an average house in the UK is something like: Council tax - £120 Gas and Electric - £80 Water - £25 Insurance - £20 Landline/internet - £30 That's £275 without food, car or leaving the house. At an exchange rate of 43 it equates to 11,825baht. I hardly ever eat out at home but would do so even if I had my own property in LOS, Thai food is so cheap there.
  10. https://www.expedia.com.au/vc/flights/thai-airways-international-flights-from-manchester-man-to-bangkok-bkk/ No date of starting flights yet. Manchester expansion is allowing new slots for flights. I hope Thai get one, I'd love a direct service.
  11. zeppo

    Retirement Visa Question

    I've never done it myself but what Starman says is what I hear from several people. You get 90 day visa (not tourist) back home then get retirement visa in LOS. As I say, this is hearsay and not what I have experienced.
  12. zeppo

    1 Year Holiday - Which Visa

    For tourist visas, yes that is my understanding.
  13. zeppo

    1 Year Holiday - Which Visa

    I don't think anyone can get double entry TVs any more. Only singles are issued in UK and as far as I know it's the same round the world, unless anyone has got a double recently?
  14. zeppo

    Is It Worth The Moneyß

    Years ago I was in the same position. Check flights on xmas day onwards. It is busier, but not unbearable.
  15. zeppo

    Is It Worth The Moneyß

    Why do you want to visit over the xmas period? Is that when you can book your leave from work?