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  1. zeppo

    Heavy Rain

    Looks like the drains have had a good clear out.
  2. e-visa will be introduced from May. Sounds like the postal applications will cease. It will be cheaper (and a lot less hassle) for me to buy a throwaway single ticket showing departure within 30 days of arrival, rather than visit the Embassy in person for a TV. I will extend my 30 day VE with an extension at Jomtien. WTF are they doing away with a system that works ok? Currently people have a choice as to whether or not they prefer to use postage or apply in person.
  3. PM Lordjim, I think he has the answer for you Maybe the rules change from season to season.
  4. I've just looked on Thaivisa (I'm not a member) and there is no mention of anyone else getting scammed in this way. Could be a one-off as the I/O needed some quick funds? A mate of mine is going down there in a few days for a extension, I'll see what happens to him.
  5. About a year ago they were catching people who had not registered themselves upon re-entry to Thailand. The rule has always been there, but rarely enforced. They were doing this when the person went to Jomtien and asked for an extension. Maybe now that this source of income has dried up (people learnt their lesson and are registering themselves), they are fleecing people another way. It could encourage people to use an agent, who then gives a back hander to Immigration. Now that agents cannot help retirement extensions by putting 800k baht in someone's account for 1 hour and doing the ''processing'' at Jomtien, then that source of backhanders has disappeared.
  6. Amazing!!! There is no doubt in my mind that LK Metropole will have registered you correctly. Sounds like individual I/Os are making things up as they go. I'm getting the feeling more and more, that the Thais really do just see farangs as walking ATMs. It used to be the bargirls, now it's the government officials. Getting fined for doing nothing wrong. They don't want long term stayers here IMO.
  7. Where are you staying in Thailand, in a hotel, rented apartment or guesthouse?
  8. Imran Kwan?? I'll get my coat
  9. Any idea how long the current fleets will stay in service?
  10. I'd love to fly direct (but business class not economy). Only ever done stopovers in ME as no direct flights from Manchester. A direct flight knocks 4 hours off the journey even if the stopover is only around 2 hours or so.
  11. You can get a SETV (60 days) by post from the Thai Embassy. Takes about 5 working days, no need to visit the Embassy.
  12. zeppo

    sore throat

    tiffy, forgot about that in Thailand, used it many times. Mine started in UK 2 weeks ago, still coughing and blowing my nose. If in UK, try Actifed for the runny nose. Whisky, lemon, honey and hot water for the chest.
  13. Using a decent mouth wash before and after the encounter might help reduce transfer of bacteria. A good gargle could be very beneficial.
  14. I think the only place Etihad provide the limo service for 1st and BC is Abu Dhabi.
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