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  1. Knobby

    How do you guys stay healthy in Pattaya?

    How to stay healthy you ask? Last trip I was ill also (Jan 2018) I vlogged my troubles but to re-cap I got the shits with stomach aches and feeling totally washed out. Took a while to get over that and after askin on this forum will be taking some extra items with me next time to make sure I am fighting fit. Will also be avoiding crab and some shellfish as am sure it was a dodgy crab curry that did it for me. As for your STi's well what can you do? Apart from you and your barfine taking a shower before action, rubbering up for any sex and maybe also for any oral there aint much else you can do really apart from dont go with anybody 555.
  2. Knobby

    Visa Run Question

    Thanks for the replies.
  3. Plans out the window now. Not sure what going on with my job so it looks like I will be cancelling approved time off.
  4. Knobby

    don muang airport

    All this work cant come soon enough. Will be so much easier to get around eh
  5. Knobby

    Cheapest Flight (just for fun)

    Will check those also
  6. Knobby

    Visa Run Question

    Gonna look at that link now.Thanks
  7. Knobby

    Cheapest Flight (just for fun)

    Priceline? ok, not heard of that. Will look.
  8. Knobby

    Visa Run Question

    I ask as my job might be going tits up anywhere between now and the end of January. If so plan is to spend a month,possibly more in Thailand. I am thinking Chiang Mai. Can find a cheap enough apartment and the airport is nearby for visa runs.
  9. Knobby

    Visa Run Question

    Thanks The Dick. Thats very helpful.
  10. Knobby

    Visa Run Question

    Got a question for those here that have done visa runs recently. I fly in on a 1 way ticket and get 30 days. On the 30th day I fly to say Vietnam. Spend a couple of days there then fly back. I get another 30 days. Then when flying back in I have to show a plane ticket that proves I am leaving the country again in 30 days time? Thats how I understand things have been for ages right? Is this still the case of have there been changes recently?
  11. I was day dreaming at work today (as we all often do) this day dream was, If travel time wasnt a big issue whats the cheapest flights that could be booked from Heathrow to Swampy return ?
  12. Knobby

    Testosterone - best way to take it

    Can anybody tell me, Whats the a normal or average testosterone level for a bloke in his late 40's ? Is there a level at all? or does it depend on the individual ? How it is measured? If after a test you are "low" can the level be increased by eating the "right" kind of foods alone or is the replacement therapy the only way? Am feeling a bit washed out of late and I cant seem to make any head way in the gym. I also cant seem to shift a few stubborn pound of weight around my waist line. Could be cause of age my body is slowing down a bit?
  13. All on hold now. Heard today at work from now till January there maybe job losses at work. So will wait and see what happens.In the meantime I can save more so all not so bad. Also was thinking if i lose my job will spend the whole month of February in Thailand.
  14. I just priced driving back to LHR using the eurotunnel incase it was cheaper..... its not. then tried looking at later dates in Feb and into March, the prices go up again !! fuck this is getting to hard. looks like its gonna have to be over £750 with thai from frankfurt. Ouch.
  15. Ok, checked finn air. They saying all sold out. Kuwait coming in at 536.46 euro but.... wont land till the Sunday. A bit late for me.