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  1. Fuck me looks like I got in at the right time. Must be hard up charging for seats?
  2. Same, I flew in 26.4 and was met at the plane and straight onto the buggy. Was done and clear and waiting for my case within 10 mins. Will use again !
  3. Heathrow, the kind of place you cant wait to get the fuck out of 555 Well thats what I think anyway
  4. Yea I hear ya, once again not a problem. I can get dollars from BKK with the transfer wise card before I go.
  5. Ok I hear ya, thanks for the intel. 4 days would be ok I think but can try doing myself first in person.
  6. Just incase you dont know, With a transferwise card I can have many different currency's activated so all I do is goto a cashpoint in whatever country and can withdraw in the local currency and get a decent exchange rate at that time. So I can withdraw some cash then go in person with said cash.
  7. Best I have had with EVA has been £420 return from LHR. Was cheaper going through EVA than using skyscanner.
  8. Hmmm I read the website to the embassy there and am thinking of a 5 day stay to give time to get the visa. They recon 2 days.
  9. I would be using my Transfer wise card so no need to get actual cash exchanged. I would also get some photos done ready.
  10. Right update, Fuck it, not even trying to get a visa from Germany , bollocks to that idea. Will wait till I am next in Thailand then bail out just before the 30 days is up, goto Phnom Phen for a few days have some fun while there and goto the Thai Embassy and get a 60 day visa.
  11. Went Jan 2018 and waited far to long for the food I ordered to arrive. When it did the food was rubbish. Dunno if I will use again?
  12. Following some new intel I am gonna call the thai consulate in Frankfurt this week coming. If I can get a 60 day visa issued from Germany as a British passport holder then it will solve an issue and means some wild ideas can happen.........
  13. Found the website for the bus company. This bus route will do the trick ! Ok so longer than a taxi but the price is good. Thanks for the intel.
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