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  1. colywob

    How do you guys stay healthy in Pattaya?

    OP: You seem to be completely paranoid about the whole situation and you freely admit that you do not enjoy anal sex, this must surely have a negative effect on your enjoyment whilst you are in Pattaya. Maybe you should consider whether LB mongering in Pattaya is really for you after all.
  2. colywob

    Boner Pills Cause Deafness?

    I wish you would all speak up a bit, I can't hear a bloody word your saying. And while I'm on, I'm struggling to read the posts, eyesight a bit dodgy, what the hells going on ?
  3. colywob

    Kimmy from Pattaya

    I bumped into Kimmy this afternoon, she's working in a massage shop about halfway down Soi Honey. We had a quick chat to catch up, she was looking good and now has multicoloured hair, have made a mental note to go back and see her sometime soon.
  4. colywob

    Stomach Ulcers

    Pain in the chest and bladder? That is definitely NOT stomach ulcers. Go see a doctor and get checked out.
  5. colywob

    iPhone 8/ iPhone 10[x]

    Re making a post with my iPhone. When I write message and add emojis it all appears on screen. Then when I post on thread message appears but not emojis. Why is this, have I done something wrong? Never have problems with laptop. Thanks in anticipation.