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  1. Went to visit Benjamitt coffee today, but it says it will reopen on 24th of April. Ended a 20 meters away in Toto cafe -same view towards the market - nice espresso.
  2. Mate I have zero medical training but maybe some probiotics like Yakult to add good bacteria to the stomach and change the bum gun head or have a bit of disinfectant in a bowl near the toilet and rinse in water before use. I agree that it is better than paper and just a slight adjustment here or a little tweak there maybe all that is needed to come up smelling like roses so to speak. If you do come up with a very angry bowel in the near future, get yourself down to Samsungs9 residence and fill up her letterbox 555.
  3. I've had a bad stomach for the past few days , pains and cramps but not any diahorea or vomiting . I am pretty sure it started after I ate the Noodle Soup we regularly have from the food cart on our Soi ..she closed for about three days last weekend and I went there when she reopened . In hindsight it didn't taste nor smell as clean as usual (bit fishy ) ...I didn't realise until I had eaten half of it then left half . I wonder if it was because she was closed and she kept food stock too long ? It's put me off returning there ....... Ref CUDY's remarks above It always amuses me how some guys are paranoid that we may eat food contaminated by dirty hands , or touch a door handle in the toilet , or the seat , drink bottled water , avoid ice cubes etc etc ....then half of us go out , pick up a stranger and literally "eat his ass" and yet never seem to attribute our bad digestions to that practice .......... go figure
  4. Well don't go to Starbucks ...160B for a double shot latte that just tasted of milk !! ...Thats 4£ ...??? ............they should wear masks and carry guns Theres a great coffee shop on Soi Bukhaw Market at the Tutkom end ...open air place ..great coffee , nice ambiance facing the market area Name is Benjamit ? https://www.facebook.com/BenjamitCoffee...also Hideaway has good coffee
  5. By the way. Thanks to all of you. Great talking in here and (almost) no sensless comments. Let's keep it that way. This topic is vitally important for many of us.
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