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  1. Benjamit make a great coffee, and sell their own beans. Very busy on market days and closed on Saturdays. Really lovely people, good wifi and newspapers to read, whcpat more could you want. A Latte is 75 baht as well.
  2. I find that Kamagra / Sidagra etc all make ejaculation more difficult already .....it would take me days with this stuff !! "Brace yourself Honey ................we gonna need a lot more lube !!"
  3. Many people ask me which is the best Indian restaurant in pattaya. I have eaten at most of the known Indian restaurants in pattaya and this particular restaurant is the best in my view. Maharani restaurant in Royal Cliff resort near cosy beach. By far the best Indian food I have had. Everything cooked to perfection, really nice staff and given that it is in a five star resort it is still reasonably priced. To add to the excellent food it has the best view. Have uploaded the pictures here. BTW Beware of the soi dogs if going in the night, they don't like the smell of Indian food. 555
  4. Brewed = Mixed w hot water ? @ Grego ...when you state above that "You don't understand Thaiman sometimes " ....it would seem to imply that you do understand him at other times ? Can you send me a copy of the codes you are using please as I never fucking understand him !!
  5. I dont understand you sometimes Thaiman. this is a pretty innocuous chat about coffee and where to get it in pattaya so why dont you chill out on the comments. you are like a discontented old man like the guys from the muppet show
  6. Just a thought: Take your coffe shop with you. You can have it in your room & is available for at anytime. The capsulses you can buy them in BKK.... I always have mine in my suitcase ! My pixie has been with me in many countries....I'm addicted, I get headache if I don't drink coffe, even in the evening....
  7. I had the Friday Special at Frazers on Thappraya Road (on the left as you drop down the hill into Jomptien ) B350 for an excellent Australian Ribeye (or Sirloin or TBone ) with an excellent salad and coleslaw (and some fairly average fries) ...Baked potato next time Excellent value to satisfy the inner carnivore after a long week ...I had lunch but they serve it all day on Fridays
  8. I bought it at the pharmacy on the right side of soi bukoi just before action street but I see most vendors have it now in the soi dianna area
  9. Here’s the Tomahawk steak from Steak & co. Comes with sides and cooked how you want. Three types based on availability and prices differently; Australian, Black angus and waygu. Price based on weight and they’re listed from 1kg to 1.8kg. This ones the entry level 1.6kg and enough for 3-4 hungry people. Delicious!
  10. by the dynasty inn in bkk there is the blanket and bean which has great coffee roasted and grown in the north somewhere just fyi
  11. If you ae going for instant coffee then Nescafe is the best ....they sell the 3/1 sachets here in Thailand Coffee/Milk and sugar ....its a bit sweet and Its not rally coffee (71 Cals ffs ) but its a pleasant enough hot drink if there's nothing better around ....It's actually nice brewed and then stored in the fridge until chilled .
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