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  1. Nothing wrong with KLM, except they have 31 inch seat pitch in economy. Their planes (B777-300) are better than China Airlines'old A340's. If the price is right (and 350 pound (400 euro) is!) I would fly them every time. But in the Netherlands KLM is more expensive (700 euro)
  2. As far as I know, but it has been 5 years, Bangkok doesn't have "express service". Does Pattaya really have the machines to produce passports with biometric info-chip?? Wow! Re. posting; up to now Thailand Post has a 100% score on everything sent thru them, be it official documents like passports, valueble items. Can't say that about TNT...
  3. No, not ladyboy related. If you just want to hide your internet browsing from your Internet service provider (ISP) then Tunnelbear will do just fine. Binarry newsgroups are for downloading films, software, tv series etc. With some exeptions that is more often than not, not allowed due to copyright reasons. So in those cases you want to hide your identity too by using VPN (because for your ISP that would only show you connecting to a certain IP address (your VPN provider).
  4. Although China Southern has the most modern fleet (A380's, B787's), my choice would be China Airlines. Call me a racist, but I don't want to be on a plane full of Chinese. I've flown China Airlines (actually the Taiwanese flag carrier) a number of times from Amsterdam (non stop) to Bangkok on their old 747's and A340's. Really old planes. service okay, but not even close to Emirates, Qatar, Singapore Air, Cathay etc. Their safety record isn't good, but that's just statistics. China Airlines is an average airline. If you pay more, you'll find better ones. So determine your priorities (comfort or price) and make your choice. Me? If I could really save $ 200 by flying China Airlines I would fly with them
  5. I know, I responded to Ironicman who finds the Qatar 787 an excellent plane. I disagree with that given the limited seat pitch and small seats. At the time of booking Qatar had by far the best offer and I was shocked when I found out their seat configuration on their 787. Mind you, on their a380 and new 777 its 32 inch and wider seats. On their Old 777 it is even 33 inch. Lucky for me the rest of the flights were on A380's (Doha - Bangkok) and 777 (Doha - Amsterdam)
  6. I've travelled on the 787 dreamliner with Qatar too. I was glad they changed equipement to B777 on the flight back to AMS. B787 = small seats, 31 inch seat pitch (anything
  7. Tunnelbear is very good, but doesn't support torrents and binary newsgroups (not applicable when you want to use VPN for faking geolocation only, but just something to consider). I use private internet access and am very happy with Speed, price and server locations. I used OctaneVPN before but AVOID that one: Slow, dropped connections. In other words CRAP
  8. Best value would be Qatar when they're offering their "2 for 1" Special deal. Hence the name you and a companion buy 2 business class tickets and pay 1. Otherwise Emirates' business is close to perfection especially on their A380 with the Sky Bar. Lounge at Dubai is great too.
  9. You are putting it to mildly mr Fenton; it's much more than just a friction. And it isn't a coinsidence that Qatar's passengers had to be bussed to the terminal either. All planned in advance.
  10. Atlanta is homebase for Delta Airline and they (Delta and airport) just wanted to piss them (Qatar) off. It has nothing to do with the aircraft being an A380. It is politics.
  11. Well I'm sure they did know the A380 was coming, so they could have cleared the gate. It's not like the parked B737 couldn't have gone somewhere else..
  12. Both are good hotels. It appears (to me) Areca is more busy and has 2 swimming pools. LK Renaissance may have a pool, but I've never spotted it (probably a rooftop pool) Room-wise the rooms at the Areca are more standard/ normal than those at the LK Renaissance. The rooms at the Renaissance are larger and the interior-design is eh... different, though nothing shockingly fantastic or ugly. But like Slacker says; Both are definitely a step up from the Bay Resort. And to answer your question; I would go for the LK Renaissance, because it's more quiet
  13. Transferring in Doha; Flight in from Amsterdam we were taken by buses to the terminal and had the luck (NOT!) of arriving with 2 other flights from Europe (Vienna and Barcelona). Security check took ages and 1 hour stopover to transit could be tricky. One the other hand, when coming in from Bangkok the airplane docked at the gate and NO security checks. Re. Qatar; Their B777 and A380's are fine. Beware of their B787 Dreamliner; small seats. Cramped!! Avoid! Economy that is.. Overall I prefer Emirates. If you like empty airports Doha is great and Dubai sucks. If you like duty free Doha sucks and Dubai is great. That being said, I prefer Emirates, Qatar, Etihad over any European airline.
  14. Emirates doesn't own nor fly with Dreamliner. So how can you fly Emirates on a Dreamliner? You're sure it's Emirates? I'm flying with Emirates most of the time. Best ariline I've flown with and absolutely better than China Airlines, KLM, EVA Air and THAI.
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