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  1. LB there are some good deals at the moment, I've just booked London Gatwick to BKK, Emirates on 28th for a month. £394.00 and stop overs 2 and a half hours out 2 on way in.
  2. LJ Done that route a couple of times - well Capetown once and Jo'Burg the other (Jo'B is always cheaper to fly into even from the UK and you can still fly internally and save money) I use Emirates via Dubai because the stop over times are better, the cheaper combos such as Cathay etc usually have 20 or 30 hour stops. Emirates are partnered with SAA so there are sometimes reasonable offers but if you're planning it within the next couple of weeks you'll be paying serious money!! Good Luck!
  3. Robi, I am sure he could return it to some semblance of order but this guy Ajarn has shunned involvement from any 'outsiders' on this project - seems it's his personal vision and with the exception of a select few craftsmen he has spent the last couple of decades fulfilling his dream. He also funded some of the construction through his own artwork - a talented and dedicated guy without doubt on the evidence of his art and his architectural vision! The Wat was weirdly magnificent - where else inside a Buddhist Temple would you get paintings of Flash Gordon and other Sci Fi 'heroes'?! As Bricktop says perhaps leaving it as a monument to his life's work would be a fitting tribute and perhaps put the building in a completely different context for visitors.
  4. I'm sure scientific research is ultimately beneficial but at the rate it's being published you could spend more than a few hours every day examining your bollocks, cock and nether regions for signs and symptoms (alternatively ask the missus to do it?) Here's some more info that made news yesterday; for personal awareness chaps; The rise of PENIS cancer: Cases soar by 20% amidst fears that symptoms are being misdiagnosed as STDs The number of men being diagnosed with cancer of the penis has soared by 20 per cent in the last 30 years, according to new figures. Experts believe the main reasons for the increase may be changes in sexual behaviour, greater exposure to sexually transmitted HPV (human papilloma virus) and decreasing rates of childhood circumcision. HPV-related genital warts are associated with a six-fold risk of penile cancer and the incidence of them has rapidly increased in men between 1970 to 2009, with a 30 per cent rise during 2000–2009. Cancer charities are now urging men to be aware of symptoms of the disease - which are often confused with signs of a sexually transmitted infection. The new research, published in the journal Cancer Causes Control, was supported by the male cancer charity Orchid. The charity's chief executive, Rebecca Porta, said: 'The research shows that the incidence of this devastating cancer, which currently receives little recognition, is on the increase. 'Unlike other more common cancers, penile cancer is rare and many men feel embarrassed and unable to talk openly about it. 'This can lead to feelings of isolation at a time when support is vital. It is very important that men are aware of the warning signs and symptoms of the disease and that those with worrying symptoms seek medical advice as soon as possible.' Cancer can develop anywhere in the penis, but the most common places are under the foreskin and on the head (the glans). The exact cause of penile cancer is unknown, but various factors have been linked to an increased risk. HPV-related genital warts are associated with a six-fold risk of penile cancer. There are over 100 types of HPV virus and only two strains have been linked with penile cancer. However both these strains are also linked to throat, cervical and anal cancer. A man’s risk of developing cancer of the penis is greater if he smokes. It has been suggested that smoking may act as a co-factor that modulates the risk of progression from HPV infection to premalignant lesions and invasive penile cancer. Furthermore, the toxic chemicals found in tobabcco are excreted in the urine. A build up of these substances under the foreskin may cause changes in the normal healthy cells of the skin, which may lead to cancerous cells developing. Men who are uncircumcised are also at greater risk. This is because they may find it more difficult to pull back the foreskin enough to clean thoroughly underneath, resulting in poor hygiene. This may lead to a build up of chemical substances that may cause irritation of the skin and lead to cancerous changes.
  5. To be fair BobTB I'm not sure there is much to choose between the lot of 'em' Convenience of timings etc and reducing travel times should probably take precedent TBH not really seen much difference in all the carriers you mention! In fact on the last trip (concluding a week ago) I had used all bar BKK Air ~ but including Airlines in the region like Lion and Tiger Air (Now they were good) and they are pretty much Synonymous so...... I have no idea!!
  6. BobTB Prices quoted will never be representative of what you pay - for example NOK will often be cheaper but when baggage is added it becomes marginal, Air Asia often exclude baggage and certain taxes fro the promo quote etc etc. Punctuality has always been ok in my experience (well compared to the shit holes I fly in and around!) so the only question is price? I personally have reverted to flying in to Swampy and investing the taxi fare to DM into the Thai Smile flights with inclusive baggage costs. As always mate shop around and do the maths and balance up the timings - I always feel happy paying the extra Dosh to max the time but each to his own.
  7. Well if 4 of the F***ers can share a Diet Coke and the same ST perhaps they can share the one Condom simultaneously?
  8. B14, It's communism but not as you know it - all fairly relaxed and pretty accustomed to the tourist trade. I never experienced (or witnessed) any issues with customs with regards to bag searches or reviewing camera or smartphone content so don't fret. Just ensure that if you require it you sort your visa in advance online and print the letter of approval etc as it will significantly reduce your time spent in the airport! Enjoy - it's a great country to visit.
  9. Here F'Ing Here!! Airline Loyalty/mythical schemes never materialise......however Rinzlers' scheme has potential, let us sees how it 'develops'.
  10. Nick, If you have a crush and a bit of jealousy is an issue then ditch the technical solutions. Become super sleuth and get their pictures circulated amongst BM's, LB bars, friendly hotels etc etc and as sure as 'eggs are eggs aching mans feet' you will get an indication as to where they stayed etc and - with some negotiation you will root out credit card info etc and eventually get names to faces and before you know it you will be knocking on the door of a Jomtien flat with the faint aroma of Borscht teasing your nostrils and a stash of stolen phones! A wee bit of leg work here may pay dividends and you'll move from jealous suitor to hero in seconds! Plus..... capture some thieving scumbag Ivans in the process!
  11. Nick, Get those ID's!!! If she has the ID's etc and then gets a few friends to download apps like Find a Friend and they try to find her they will effectively triangulate her IMEI output and find her phone (I think!!) Tell her no point in privacy - it's all about getting her ID and getting it on the open market now to max out the chance of recovery.
  12. Rinzler, Refreshing to see that a rewards scheme may have some benefits and will look forward to see that they are delivered as promised. Have been in Emirates Skywards and it's a case of finishing line constantly getting moved - all it has provided over the last couple of years has been the added line of 'I'm a Skywards member' whilst trying to get an upgrade - usually met by a fatuous grin and a declaration that they can speak 95 useless F****ng languages on board. Best wishes and at least our Atlantic cousins may feel some reward from their 'Strategic Travel'!
  13. Nick, Try searching for an IMEI tracking subscription site Track IMEI.com etc may be worth a punt. Any device used to pluck an IMEI from Comms space and locate it specifically will cost unfortunately (unless you know anyone in the CIA or Spooksville elsewhere) If only she'd activated her i cloud etc - that's when the i phones become worth the money cos the ability to geo locate increases exponentially! Good luck and hope the filthy thieving, Pikey Russian fuck pigs get what they deserve!!! Also suggest she provides the pics to Thai Immigration mate, for a small fee I suspect they will turn into Sherlockski Holmes!
  14. As 2nd Chance says you need to give them a rest from any impact exercise to save aggravating the injury. Simple treatment like ice packs and Ibuprofen may help. Had the same problem from treadmill running - after resting for a couple of weeks I started incline workouts to ease the impact and touch wood it's working!
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