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  1. 1) Are there flights from Utapao to Siem Reap? 2) If not, can a good travel agent be recommended in Naklua or north Pattaya?
  2. I use quicker pecker picker uppers sparingly, and my hearing was fucked up long before I started using them at all, so no. It is hereditary unfortunately.
  3. Is there a restaurant in Pattaya serving Szechuan food?
  4. Interesting thread. I like LINE, but I do have three issues with it that bug my ass: One issue I have (which may completely be a result of my own ignorance) is that I am unable to delete a contact once I have added it. I am able to block it of course, but am unable simply to wipe it right the fuck off the program. As a result over time I have over 100 contacts at least half of which are wasting space as I cannot eliminate them totally. Another issue is eliminating/deleting unwanted chat history from a contact one wishes to keep. It is easy enough to do so, but I have to individually click every message first as I can find no "select all" feature, and therefore lots of time is wasted. Am I missing something or is this something LINE has neglected to include? A third issue is that in some records of chats where photos have been exchanged the said photos have suddenly disappeared , whether they have been ones I have sent or ones I have received. Are they recoverable? Has this occurred because the contacts have deleted them on their end? If so, why the fuck are they gone from my end? Does this mean that said contact has blocked me? Any solutions by those in the know?
  5. The e-visa is $99 USD (3500 Bt). Flying during the last week of the year is over $400 USD (13,000 Bt+) by Bangkok Airways out of Swampy. The e-visa is a shaft at over triple the $30 when flying in, but is the cost of avoiding the lines and saving time.
  6. I am going from Patts to Siem Reap on December 26. Originally I saw a Yellow Bus "VIP" but that is no longer available. Also now buses go only to the Aranyaprathet drop at the border and from there to Siem Reap you're on your own and subject to the touts and ripoffs nipping at your heels. I therefore booked a standard bus for that date. I presume I will have to walk across the border and obtain a Cambo visa once I cross. How far a walk is it to the Cambo Immigration? If a bit of a distance are tuk-tuks available for the hop, and if so, how much and how long does it take? 1) What is the visa procedure and what will I need? I'm guessing in addition to my Thai departure card I will need a passport photo and $30 USD. Anything else? Where exactly do I go and who and what should I avoid? 2) Once I get the visa and am good to go I am presuming a taxi is the only way to get from Poipet to Siem Reap. If so, where to get one and how much should it cost? Thanks for your input!
  7. G'day BM's:) I plan on a visa run at November's end for a few days in Siem Reap and have never been there. Can some knowledgeable BM's give me info on: 1) Methods of transportation: Are there flights from Pattaya/U-Tapao to Siem Reap? If not, what airlines are best to fly out of BKK? Are there flights out of both airports? Any advice on the land travel option? 2) Recommended accommodations: Decent (but not too expensive) hotels - visitor friendly, wifi, in-room safes, both in the Pub Street area as well as outside of it (but a close enough tuk-tuk away.) Thanks for whatever help you can pass my way.
  8. Dr. Ben (and also his wife, an M.D.) on Naklua Road (only about 150 metres North past Soi 16 on your right) will do it for a mere 100Bt (Bangkok Pattaya Hospital charges about 700Bt) - in & out within minutes (up to 45 mins in BPH). Ask for a 23 gauge needle.
  9. I have always used the services of a young family man from Pattaya. He is reliable, fair-priced, and a good driver using a new and clean car. Further, his English is better than any other I've known, found or used over the years. The price from Swampy to Patts is the usual 1200, and the return is 1000. From BKK to Patts is an extra 200; from BKK to Swampy is 300 (I pay the tolls, but a CC can get it included). The young man's name is "Tee" and his phone number is 084.345.2933. I recommend him highly.
  10. I am Canadian, and have great experience in steaks (my father was once a part owner of the famed Hy's Steak House). I have sampled the best Alberta beef (and others). In California I have eaten at all the top steak houses - Morton's, Ruth's Chris, etc. A couple of weeks ago I had my first experience at Steak and Co. A Canadian friend of mine was in town and we headed to Soi Lengkee, where I had intended to sample a steak at the Lone Star. Fortunately my friend noticed Steak & Co. a couple of doors east so we looked at the menus of both; it did not take much for us to see that - while pricier of course - Steak & Co. offered much the better menu. My friend had the Filet Mignon and I a Ribeye, both the large portions (which I recall were around 900 Bt - the normal sized ones were considerably less.). They were worth much more! Without a word of a lie these were the BEST steaks either of us had ever had IN OUR LIVES! I kid you not. Perfectly cooked (medium rare for both of us) and so huge we each took half home later. The side dishes were impeccable; the onion rings I had were the tastiest EVER, and the salads were crisp and fresh. The service was good, and the manager/owner even came to our table to give us a howdy-do and check up on the food. EXQUISITE! I am going back with another friend this week. You simply cannot find better steaks ANYwhere. Even at a price admittedly higher than most it was a complete bargain. Enough said. Go there! Enjoy this incredible eating experience. Pee Ess - I am a huge Burger fan (I have a 60 year old autographed photo from the tennis great Tony Trabert to "The Hamburger Kid") and I am looking forward to sampling Steak & Co's version of this treat as well.
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