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  1. Been there myself (with a postie). It was stupid, but I figure we're allowed one slip up, no more. Also got tested (for everything) three weeks after I got home - negative. Funny thing is, I let the postie know the results and she could not have cared less. In fact there was dead silence, not even a "good to hear". That tells you something, doesn't it?
  2. The Erotic Review has closed access to all US-based members, which is a major blow to guys in the US trying to find safe and reliable escorts. If these lawmakers were actually able to think, they would realize that TER actually furthered their aims because it got the pimp out of the picture, and made for a safer playing field for all.
  3. Len, it's actually 1100 from BKK to Pattaya. And whereas it says 1200 from Patts to BKK, I was quoted 1000 last Sunday night (pickup at 1 am Monday) from Pattaya to the airport. Maybe because I'd already paid them for the trip to Pattaya a week earlier.
  4. Annie https://www.thaifriendly.com/Annielbtopmassage
  5. Jim, where is this post you're referring to? Can't find a Sexual Diseases Thread.
  6. Agree ... I just used ACV to open, drain and remove a large cyst on my back.
  7. Well I have no clue about that one, but it's a valid question for others to chime in on 555. Actually I wrote to Kimmy about my original question, and she just responded saying it was the age limit before she got hitched and she just forgot to change it. So for all you old codgers out there, call Kimmy and you won't be rejected!!
  8. I see on Kimmy's TF profile she only accepts passengers up to a maximum age of 65 (????@!!!). If all she is is a taxi driver, loves her husband and is not p4p, then what does it matter what the ages of her passengers are? Maybe somebody who knows her well can enlighten me 555
  9. magical


    Will one of you moderators please fix the spelling of the title of this topic? It's driving me crazy :Electric Shock:
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