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  1. I use mike taxi info@mikepattayataxi.com 1000b for me Swampy to Pattaya. No hassles.
  2. Hell, I want to get a look at your nose. How many nostrils have you got???.
  3. Haha, I do get that and have the saline bottle treatment. Sort of works. The doc explained it as the body having a trap to catch all the greebies. Problem is that the trap has the outlet at the top so you get the buildup before it overflows and causes all the gunk to flow into your throat. Nice eh?.
  4. Ok, let's get back to flu or flu like symptoms. I am sure you know?. Headache, fever, sore throat, and coughing. Sinusitus can be associated with these, but is another topic!. I was referring to what MOST people know as the "flu". I think MOST people have flu like symptoms without sinusitis. So I will say again. A couple of aspirin every 4 hours or so and plenty of water, rest , and time, get you over the "flu" thing. No need to rush off to the quack and get pumped full of drugs!. Like just about everyone here I am no quack, just my opinion. The thread was started because of my experience with LB.s, and their susceptibility to experience these symptoms.
  5. If you believe some of the reality shows on US tv, every second kid has adhd or whatever, and is on Ritalin. What a drugged up nation. And they can't legally drink alcohol until 21!. Go figure!.
  6. I try telling people that. Just take a few aspirin now and again and drink plenty of water. It is all you can do. Geez, I sound like a doctor from 30 years ago
  7. I know a few nonp4p LBs and they also have this propensity to come down with a type of flu or flu symptoms, so not just working girls. I know a few non LBs, but don't spend the same amount of time with them, so not aware of them having the same problem. Don't know what part of the world you come from but the West is hardly innocent when it comes to running to the pharmacy when a sniffle occurs!.
  8. It is my observation that flu or flu like symptoms are quite prevalent amongst the LB fraternity. Is it something that goes with the territory, the lifestyle etc., or or maybe something to do with hormones/steroids etc., that may weaken their immune system?. Just about every LB I have known has had these sort of illnesses that last 2 or 3 days and then they are ok again. More so than the general public. Any ideas?.
  9. I didn't get the spare seat on one trip. It was much better than that!!!. I was sitting in the row against the bulkhead. A girl was making her way down the aisle, and every male who had blood moving was giving her the eye. As luck would have it, she slid into the seat beside me. We said hello and that was it for about an hour. Then after the meal we got talking. She would not stop and I could not stop looking!. She was drop dead gorgeous!. Dark hair with dark eyes. She was a French ski bunny working on Mt Blanc.. That much I took in while trying my hardest not to look at her magnificent boobs, busting out of a low cut, thin Tee shirt. I know this is starting to sound like a Penthouse article, but it is true. She was the most friendly girl you could meet. We yacked for about an hour, then she started to fall asleep. On my shoulder, with her boobs brushing my arm!. It really was getting to the point where I was having great trouble controlling my hands. My brain was saying don't do it. Keep your hands to yourself. Thank god I did. Don't think handcuffs would make for a very comfortable trip!. I still think about her. The most beautiful girl I have had the pleasure of sitting next to. This was pre LB days, but don't think it would change my opinion of her if I met her now.
  10. From what I have read, they seem to be the best of the Chinese airlines. Have checked out fares with them after reading some reviews and they certainly aren't the cheapest. I very rarely fly business anyway, sit at the back of the plane. Get better value as you travel further!!!. Sorry about that!. Terrible isn't it?.
  11. Oh shit, sorry!, My only comment on Thai workers is that you seem to see a lot more woman working than men. Maybe because it is that we tend to hang around Pattaya where the type of work is more female orientated. But have been to other parts and it does seem a similar scenario. Hope that gets me back on track?.
  12. Not as long as the government keeps backing the coal producers!!!!. There will not be a shift to solar power while the current (excuse the pun), way of thinking remains. Too many vested interests convincing the gov,(by whatever means), that coal is the way to go.
  13. Yeah, talking to a guy yesterday who had gone from 85 kilos to 115 kilos in a relatively short time. Just got out of hospital after having a stent put in his heart. Says it has shaken him a bit. Was actually out for a walk when I was talking to him. Trying to come good again.
  14. Air China pulled the pin on a domestic flight ten days before I was due to fly. Had to reorganize my schedule and airlines, so ended up booking a flight Thai/ANA to get me to the city in China. As luck would have it, when I arrived in BKK to change flights, I found out my flight to Osaka then China had been cancelled due to a Typhoon in Osaka. Long story short, ended up paying $540.00 to go via another route. All because Air China cancelled their flight. For what reason I have no idea. Mind you they are not on their Pat Malone on that hassle. Local airlines here do it if they find the plane is not going to be full enough.
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