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  1. As a confirmed coffeeholic... for me, continental behind the triangle bar and 7-11[ all cafe] for the cheaper but good stuff. be wary of Subway, there is one thai women who owns 3 franchised branches, Tipp plaza, soi 8 and the one at the soi Diana/ soi Buck junction. recently coffee has all but vanished from the cups, almost hot milk and water only.
  2. i have no idea fenton, same one i've been using for years. i have 2 email accounts with hotmail. only in the last month or two has the main [most used] one changed in to this deeplink thing. the other one is same as it has always been. the settings in both accounts are exactly the same. i did google hotmail-deeplink... and a load of [for me] completely incomprehensible stuff came up about microsoft being concerned about security in thailand or some such rubbish.
  3. thanks dfs and Aus. yes i played around in the settings, it could well be that i caused the problem originally i guess. Certainly wouldn't surprise me! it seems that what is happening is that all emails are opening from the inbox in this 'deeplink-popout ' screen and then become a seperate tab on the taskbar it's not a big deal, all works except a reply to an email does not join the email train, just becomes another sent email rather than part of the record. just a bit annoying more than anything
  4. thanks for the advice LJ..... unfortunately the 2 empty tins of baked beans with the string tied between them that he insists on using isn't working too well at the moment!
  5. Is anyone within thailand using Hotmail/Outlook .... [sorry, i guess it could be worldwide perhaps] and whenever they open an email from the inbox having that mail open in a small screen called 'deeplink' or some such name. it is very annoying. anyone know how to prevent this happening?
  6. well that info has really made my day markm.......! sod it... i'm off to try the fish and chips in treetown, bugger the gym today. sorry about your friend by the way mark.
  7. you got it Jimmy! wise words.
  8. thinking about the comment quoted SP... please correct me if i'm wrong, but you don't smoke, you don't drink, you're not overweight, you'll soon be exercising daily with the lovely Dao.... what else can you do to look after yourself a bit better!
  9. not me! must have been Jimmy_lovepants......
  10. easy for you to lose weight SP.... just shave off the moustache!
  11. you can worry if you want to. You can also worry about getting run over by a bus, Dying in a plane crash, getting Aids, etc etc. For god's sake Jimmy don't start the anti-smoking loonies off again! have you seen a Doc?
  12. yes indeed SP. your comments echoed by me take it easy Wfkiwi69... get yourself better mate. look forwards to meeting you again at Katty in the near future
  13. yes Zoonie, agreed, The Jolly Friar has gone severely downhill, great shame as it used to be excellent
  14. are they? seriously i had no idea, i stopped watching and reading news years ago. Syria i guess? I've just had to google 'Erdogan' to find out who he is too. but i doubt [but could be wrong] that any conlict in the far reaches of eastern Turkey has too much of an affect on day to day life in the western side of the country other than economically. Tourist-wise and so forth. Much like the stuff happening in south thailand doesn't affect Pattaya or Isaan. Turkey is a very large country. Big enough to escape what may be happening in the east. where few actually live or indeed visit.
  15. bar scene, as per thailand etc, pretty non-existant LJ, or it wasn't when i was there. Full of Russian hookers though. plenty of normal bars.Must confess that nowadays i'm a little jaded with it all...could do with a change, Have been in thailand too long really. Turkey is a cheap country to live in, as with here, depends of course how you operate, home cooking and similar things saves fortunes of course. The great thing is the pound/lira fluctuations. All banks offer both pound and lira accounts so it's extremely easy to transfer between the two as rates change. and thankfully visas are easy, used to be 3 month visa on arrival for 10 pounds, renewable by catching a ferry to the nearest greek island... about an hour, back to turkey another tenner, another 3 months. I think long term residency type visa's can be got nowadays, but don't know the rules. Sure i know about the political thing nowadays, police with guns etc..... but aren't we seeing the same in thailand? military dictatorship and all that?
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