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  1. Last month in BKK the Hooters at Nana has occupied the space from Nana restaurant. Didn't go near the place, just watched over from Big Dogs. A shame since the outdoor bar had some chatty and welcoming girls. Anyone know how the lobby at the hotel is affected? Not that I stay at Nana Hotel anymore but found the lobby/restaurant/bar/massage/disco area had in it's own weird way a classic touch to it. How I would imagine the bigger hotels in SAE would be like in the Vietnam war period.
  2. Thanks. I stayed in DG and MG, but the sun hours are minimum. Dawin tend to attract russians as well. They know how to occupy the pool, but quite friendly if you join them and go on a boozer. Never brought along a LB on these escapades, guess things could turn sour if I did(?). Quite beautiful their ggs. No wonder I needed to stay in the pool
  3. Pity, since the hotel is really a monger's heaven, Any other options nearby with sunny pool nearby?
  4. Do they still enforce extra charge for guest 2,3 and so on? Or would that depend on the lady behind the desk.
  5. I wrote them and here is what they had to say: -Do you allow lady boys also in your hotel? Usually not but incase the customer acknowledge & accepted to response themselves is allowed. .... And when I wanted a confirmation that they allow LBs, I got this: Dear Sir, Actually hotel not allowed lady boy, we allowed 1 visitor per room only and actually these illegal. Best regards, x x LBs doesn't exactly seem welcome there. Guess they prefer the middle-eastern families instead ... I will take my business elsewhere.
  6. Close to the action if you like soi 6 and the LB-action on soi 6/1 as the entrance is soi in the 6/1. But they have a 1000b joiner policy if I'm not wrong, unless they have changed their policy lately. Maybe they are willing to look away during low-season, but when the hotel is full of families you're not the customer they're looking for.
  7. Regading morbikes, or to be exact, motorbike-hire. Just across the street at the Family Mart, there is a family-run motorbike business. Been there for years. Their kids doing the business now, but still reliable. Good newbie bikes. The trad prices - 1000 a week, 3500 a month. Never been ripped off - like a scratch or stuff like that. The same cannot be said about the folks across the street. Just minor, but they hit me with a 500 fine from a so-called scratch, which obviously was there all along.
  8. Another funny would be if it's with thai pronounciatian - "ling", meaning "monkey"
  9. In low-season it's a bargain. In septemeber I paid 1199 or 1299. I stayed with a GG and I never saw any LBs there so you might get a few looks if that bothers you. It's not really a monger-hotel, but there are a few mongers there between the familys and party goers.
  10. I think as a rule. All hotels that are guest-friendly allow girls and ladyboys. I still have to hear about one hotel that accepts only GG bargirls. I might be wrong, but to this date I have never heard of one. It could of course be that most of us mongers use the same hotels.
  11. pepsimax

    Hep A And B

    For most people Hep B will pass, many without any symptoms at all. But the usual symptoms are fever, itching and yellow-fainted eyes. This will usually go over but for the unlucky 5% they will have the disease cronical, which again can lead to several diseases, like harming the liver, cancer in the liver and so on. So there is no excuse not to take the duo Hep A/B-vaccine if one is about to play around in the p4p-scene
  12. Barbie/Sandy/Bee has a vid her: http://www.empflix.com/view.php?id=18490 This vid must be 6-7 yrs old, at least, but still it captures a little of her temper in the beginning. She was one of the superstars of in the early days of asianshemalesxxx.com. Been with her twice. Nothing but an angel, but she has MANY very bad reviews, so for those who are tempted by her juicy cock, check her mood before you go with her. Now she has bolt-ons and she is probably wearing a wig since she is supposed to be in and out jail (most likely for possesion of drugs, without starting a shit storm). Also worth to mention is that she don't have the same ability to get or stay hard. I doubt she is able to cum.
  13. Yes, there is quite some distance from the deep south (Pattaya). I drove my bike to the place, but didn't enter. This was daytime so if you come from around the WS-area, you might be unlucky and get stuck at both the South and Central Rd red-lights. Naklua Rd is also very heavy trafficked so I would say one should at least expect a 15-20 min ride from the south - depending on your driving skills. With a baht-bus it would be about 30 mins and and about 50baht maybe(?) The femboys on the outside didnt tempt me enough to make me enter, but I will drive past it on my next trip to see what is on display
  14. Do you stay there right now? If one is to believe what is written on the addicts-forum, the place has been going downhill lately. I haven't stayed there myself so I cannot confirm wheter it's true or not, but I certainly wouldn't take any chances when there is so many options. For that price you could get a superior room in either LK Metropole or LK Renaissance which is nearby. Both places are great and have all the amneties you need. My vote would be LKR though ...
  15. The whole soi 6 & 6/1 area is a dump filled up with druggy LBs og GGs. I'm not saying the LBs in BKK or anywhere else in PTY is "clean" or innocent, but the types that hang around Hi-Boss especially, look like they have been on the shit for ages, and look more like addicts and recreational users. There are quite a few expections. The one already mentioned Joy and Jije are great Hi-Boss girls. Needles to say for those who havent ventured the short time rooms of Hi-Boss, don't bring along valuables since your clothes will stay in the short time room while you shower.
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