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  1. I doubt Boots sells Kamagra products. Even if they did you would need a prescription at Boots.
  2. I got food poisoning several times on my early trips in over 13 years. Not so much anymore but did have a bout last winter (under cooked chicken?). With the type of food poisoning I've had after I vomit and get the crap out of my stomach I take 500 mg of generic Zithromax (Azycin). If I can keep it down usually within 10-15 minutes my stomach starts making lots of strange noises and after about two hours the noise stops and I start getting better. Not all food poisoning is the same but it works with what I usually get. But some of the cases mentioned here sound extreme.
  3. When I first started on skyscanner I checked out some US<>BKK routes. The same searches on Kayak sometimes didn't show some of the flights that were on skyscanner. And less often Kayak will show results skyscanner didn't. I've also found the direct from airline price to sometimes be lower than what is shown on Kayak. But both are decent tools. OP if you are flying Economy you might not want to fly the Chinese airlines. There is an old thread here somewhere about Chinese airlines. Checking the prices I see now SFO<>BKK I would probably go EVA.
  4. I use skyscanner.com some to find flights. Their best price is usually direct from the airline. You have many choices SFO<>BKK.
  5. Here are two of the better ones seating wise. You can get cheaper runs in vans with bench seats that pack in more passengers. If you Google 'visa runs pattaya' you will get a lot of info. http://1stclassvisaruns.com/ https://fivestarvisaruns.com
  6. You can get ONE extension every time you enter the country. After 90 days (tourist visa 60 days + 30 day extension) I have to make a border run to Cambodia (or someplace outside Thailand).
  7. There is an online system that the hotels (etc) use to register you after you check in. One should probably ask when checking in, if they plan to extend at a later date, if they will be registered with immigration (and hope the person at the desk knows what the hell you are talking about). However the small guesthouse where I stay was unable to get access to the system (reason unknown). So the Thai GG that is listed as owner photocopies my passport picture page and visa/arrival stamp page and takes it to Jomtien and registers me. But I stay all winter so they like to make me happy.
  8. There is someway (or was) to set the Grab app up so you can see the lowest price from a Grab driver and the lowest price from a regular taxi. I've seen it before but on someone else's phone last winter. Maybe that has changed? The taxi cost 20 baht more than the Grab driver from Action Street to TJ's so we took the taxi.
  9. Assuming they are again giving out tourist visas it's possible to do it in two days. Drop it off at the correct hours and pick it up the next day at the correct hours. An agent can do it for you but it took five days, I think, last time I used an agent. But you can pay an agent a bit extra for quicker service (3 day?). Others can probably give you better details. The consulate at the embassy closes for Thai holidays so that is something to keep in mind.
  10. It's been a couple of months since I checked but for a while the consulate in PP was being very stingy with tourist visas. Even if an agent was trying to get the visa. Hopefully that has changed by now. But a trip over to thaivisa.com and some reading there will probably give the latest info.
  11. If the place you are staying has not reported your stay to immigration you will also likely have to pay a 1600 baht fine.
  12. When I started searching for this thread I didn't realize it was this old. End of A380 production announced: https://edition.cnn.com/2019/02/14/business/a380-airbus-news-emirates/index.html
  13. For anyone that used to like La Taverna del Passatore the owner, and another Italian friend, have opened an Italian restaurant on Soi Lengkee named Il Peccatore Very good Italian IMO with indoor and outdoor seating. It is the same location as the now defunct Shanghai gogo/bar. https://www.facebook.com/Il-Peccatore-Pattaya-764295200573038/
  14. Sorry I kind of thread phucked your thread. I do not know the answer to whether you need an exit ticket to come back in. I never had to but shit happens. I always put an exit flight on my departure card regardless. So now that embassy income reporting is no longer available what does one need to prove a monthly income to immigration? This stuff should maybe be a new thread.
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