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  1. gonna try Bangkok out this trip for a few days but i dont know the first thing about the place. im thinking of staying at the majestic suites. trying to educate myself about bangers on the forum but if anyone fancies showing me the ropes around town i would be glad. pm if interested (i arrive mid march)

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    2. pokergod


      cheers bax i think from the comments and the forum etc i will try the majestic suites. what time does NEP 'open for trading'. ive only been to bangers once and that it when everything was closed due to riots.

    3. Bax


      7:00pm but I'm usually sitting in Lucky Lukes around 6:00 watching the girls walk by to report for work.. good times! Only bad thing about Majestic is the shower. It's a tub made for one!

    4. icebergjr.


      I will probably always give my business to Heaven@4 but only for personal reasons!

      Please PG go to Bangers for a couple of days and tell us all about it,as it can't be beat for hot Ladyboys!Have fun!

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