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  1. New trip booked... LOS here I come... see you guys in patts, bkk.... ;-)

  2. Had to cancel my trip to LOS .... if not I would be in patts right now....

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    2. outsider


      It sucks, been through that before. last minute cancellations suck the big one.

    3. fenton


      Bad news, its happened to me in the past (3 times)

    4. Anthony Barbony

      Anthony Barbony

      Sorry guys, forget to replay

      well its the first time Ive ever cancelled a trip to LOS not only once but three times in one month... tried to delay n push the date forward but couldnt make it happen... happy to get my money back though... maybe in jan

      Today, 02:37 AM · Delete

  3. longing to get back to LOS!

    1. garrydirty


      aint we all? 555

    2. Anthony Barbony

      Anthony Barbony

      Amen m8, however some of us more than others I think :-P

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