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  1. It's tight if you have to switch terminals. There are queues for the security check, the train and two sets of lifts/escalators. I was on a late incoming flight from Bangkok once. We were met at the plane door and escorted to the next one which they held for us. It was no quicker. They probably didn't want us disappearing into the shops or rescheduling. We were about 20 minutes late by the time we boarded. If you are only a little late arriving they may do the same.
  2. I once used Emirates air miles to upgrade to business for the UK-Dubai leg only. There was an additional fee of about 60 quid to cover tax. On check-in at Dubai I got a free upgrade for the second leg. It allowed me to go through the quick lane at the passport check in Bangkok. My bag was also one of the first off the plane. Nice. I assumed that because me and my bag were both already in business class for the first leg, that it made more likely to be upgraded on the second. it will probably never happen like that again as Emirates are more miserly with air miles now. You need more and they expire quicker.
  3. Check out annual travel insurance with esure. The default quote can be tailored online. Cutting out cover on baggage, cancellation etc... brings the cost down. Some of those looked like bad deals anyway or overlapped home insurance.
  4. You can buy a ticket at the desk. As others said there is a risk the next one will already be full. I took a mid-day coach last year where not everyone could get on. It's the first time I've seen that happen. It was low season too. I've never reserved online. I normally stay in Bangkok first then book them to come and pick me up from my hotel. I do the same going back.
  5. I used them a few times in the past. The leg from Dubai to Bangkok was too cramped. The seating was 3-4-3. There wasn't enough width for a 6 hour flight. The seats were uncomfortable too. It wasn't one of the newer planes with the ICE system. The other legs were ok. The planes were still Boeing 777's. They had newer seats with a bit more room. I've avoided Emirates since because of the cramped conditions. It's been a while now. Does anyone know if the Dubai-Bangkok leg is any better these days for economy travel? Is it still 3-4-3 on a 777 except for the Airbus? I can't tell from their web site. It only says 777 or 777-ER without the number of seats. I'm searching for flights and not sure whether to give them another go. Any info would be appreciated.
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