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  1. I take charcoal tablets too, plus garlic or oregano oil tablets, and order my drinks without ice. Never had a bad case of the squirts since starting this regimen.
  2. I just renewed my 40 page passport at the British Consulate in HK - 4 weeks to wait and it's cost me 2054 HKD, that's about 170 Quid!!! Outrageous, they're raking it in.
  3. I'm ready to live and to live a live contact and fantasy. Do not you want to join me?

  4. You are Beautiful!

  5. Mardhi, I had no expectations whatsoever, and I certainly wasn't knocking the place, just giving some feedback that could make a great place even better. As I wrote, I went back to CT for more meals, and you can't get a better endorsment than that.
  6. I was in Pats last month and went to CT for some grub a handful of times. I have to say the food was very nice and good value. I was able to use the wifi free for an hour each time too. The selection of books was much larger than I'd anticipated. For some constructive criticism, I think the staff, who were all extremly pleasent and friendly young Thai gals, could do with a bit more training. For example, when I ordered a breakfast, my coffee was brought 10 mins before the food, and my glass of orange juice was served full of ice. Ice always plays havoc with my guts in Thailand, so I told the girl politely I didn't want it with ice. She took it away, but didn't replace it later. I think maybe her English skill were very limited. Never mind, next time I just told the staff 'no ice please, coffee with food' etc. As I've said, they were very nice, and the food great, so I went back a few times. There's a big TV in the dining area. Every time I was there, it had some Thai channel on. This is good for the staff (it must be a mind-numbingly boring job) but not for a lone customer like me. If it was showing a news channel it'd be much better for any single punters, and might help the staff pick up a bit more English.
  7. kelly2

    Soi 6

    Land Of Smiles, Pay For Pussy/Play Sexually Transmited Disease
  8. Ive stayed in their hotels on Soi Honey Inn, and Soi Buakhao. They aren't too pretty and don't come with too many frills but are very safe, reliable and 100% guest-friendly. Very conveniently located for me.
  9. kelly2

    Hep A And B

    Does the NHS now charge for vaccinations? I've been out of Blighty for some time now, but I remember they were free when I was living there?
  10. kelly2

    Sabai Inn

    Thanks for the detailed review, Bazle. Can you please tell me if the Sabai Lodge is next door to the Sabai Inn, a short stroll away or even further? Also, is its swimming pool nice?
  11. I can't watch Youtube never mind download its vids, reason being that Youtube is still being blocked in China (since early March)! :Angry (With Teeth): :Angry (With Teeth): The Communist government continues to perplex me. Small price to pay for living here, I suppose, considering the abundent supply of available gorgeous nubile young ladies. Still, I want my Youtube back.
  12. I've seen that video a while ago and you're right, it's her. She doesn't look very attractive to me in the cold light of day and without the beergoggles, I must have been bladdered to have gone upstairs with her that time. I'd like to check the other vid you mentioned but I can't Youtube is STILL being blocked here in China! :Angry (With Teeth):
  13. What a hideous depraved creature he must be. Well, what goes around comes around. Once convicted and imprisoned, he'll be experiencing more rape no doubt, but on the recieving end.
  14. This is the other one I talked about, the LB that I thought was going to punch me in the face for rejecting her advances. I found this pic on the Ladyboy-ladyboy website. She's named there as Paula. Beware, she's a nutter!
  15. Here is the Hi Boss girl who ripped me off. I took this pic in the room before we did the deed. I forgot to mention earlier, that whilst in the bedroom, a hand appeared through a gap in the wall trying to reach for my clothes!!!!!!!!!! I'd stay well clear of this place.
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