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  1. Used the meet and greet fast track and taxi service last time and it was real smooth - no immigration queue.
  2. Simple combination lock will deter opportunist thieves.
  3. I used Nam's service from the Hideaway to the airport - smooth ride - will use from airport next time as well.
  4. Seat booking with Emirates is only free 48 hours before if cheapest flights booked - £75 for extra legroom is a bit much - they sometimes have upgrades to biz class for a couple hundred or so - better value and early seat booking included.
  5. I used them in June - if I hadn't stopped to get a sim I would have been in waiting taxi within 20 mins of getting off plane - although as I was in biz class my suitcase was very quick to baggage reclaim - well worth the cost.
  6. She started filming the Dubai officials on her phone - I think that was what got her in big trouble.
  7. I had the 1hr 20mins connection - but incoming flight from Manchester was delayed past connecting time - Bangkok flight was closed but they held plane - luckily in same terminal - actually spent 5mins in terminal - so very tight - coming back is two and half hours so more comfortable with thst.
  8. I used this service in June - all very smooth - out of the airport in twenty minutes - I booked combined fast track and taxi.
  9. As I'm arriving on A380 - I didn't fancy joining 400 plus at immigration so booked fast track and taxi combined as will be arriving evening time and want to get out of airport soon as - didn't book buggy as walk will do me good after six hours on plane from Dubai.
  10. I'm flying from Manchester in June with Emirates A380 all legs for £459 - although would you believe it same flights are now £444 - but am o.k. with what I paid.
  11. Casey Neistat is almost certain to get an upgrade to first class every time because, with six million subscribers and each vlog getting over a million views, it can be good publicity for the airline.
  12. Just got email from Emirates and they have great fares to Bangkok - I fly from Manchester - going out till end of June and bookable by 31/01/17 - for example going out April for three months - £419 on A380 all legs and good connecting times. Helps soften the blow of weakened pound.
  13. Yes - £399 from Manchester - most/all flights on A380 - great value for anyone looking to go over this year (not me unfortunately)
  14. Just had email from Emirates - they have added extra A380 flights from Manchester - flights all the way there and back now available on A380 with great connection times, departing up to 30th June for only £435 - that's an excellent price.
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