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  1. When i see ive made a typo in a post and go to fix it, i get a message saying i cannot edit as too much time has passed or the post has been removed. Neither of which is true.
  2. Anyone ask if she had a cock?
  3. I'll always book through their site. I used 3rd party once and had a problem with my passport. It was a nightmare being bounced between thr airline and the ticket tout sorting it out. Ill just pay the 35 quid for peace of mind.
  4. Dont judge a girl on her performance with that mask wearing potbellied micro cock goblin. Meryl Streep couldn't put on a good performance next to him.
  5. Lufthansa are my favourite Euro airline, my first few trips to LOS were with them. Not a patch on the Arabs though, Qatar and Emirates are a different league and usually cheaper... although with a stop over. Good to hear your back soon though, enjoying the current videos!
  6. Should have walked up and claimed she was your wife. See where it went.
  7. Just dont show them to the dude stamping your passport.
  8. Using them on the next trip. Last time was 2+ hours getting out of Swampy. It was insane, never doing that again.
  9. £400 from Edinburgh, over a hundred cheaper than last trip. I guess they're feeling the shadow of Emirates approaching in a few months.
  10. I like planes. Was in a helicopter once and puked all over the person sitting next to me.
  11. Only 2 seats on the window sides instead of the usual three in cattle class, it's a weird set up.
  12. So my flight back from BKK to Doha is now scheduled on an Airbus a340-600. Never been on one before, but it looks like they were mainly being used for flights to Sri Lanka, are 10+ years old, and look shite inside. What's going on with Qatar, their recent reshuffle of planes and route times is awful.
  13. They've changed the times on all my flights
  14. Never. I simply don't trust any them to take medication.
  15. It's prime beach estate a few hours from Bangkok. Doesn't take much thinking to work out why they want it cleaned up. Why they don't focus on HuaHin instead is the real head Scratcher. Sure its a wee bit further from the big smoke than Pattaya is, but its also still pretty raw and more less developed than Pattaya. Much easier to mould and shape into the little Chinese tourist trap they crave. Then again, you know what Thais are like with "face" and those British tabloid stories about 1 in 5 Pattaya residents being a hooker really pissed off the top brass.
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