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  1. 3 weeks to go...

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. garrydirty


      who is Pon? is she a fem-boy?

    3. Jazza01


      yeah kind of femboyish. look on snoopdogs tr in hh


    4. garrydirty
  2. Nooo...Windows7 But for resizing single pic.I use ACDsee. It came free with my Pentax..
  3. I use FastStone , same same ResizeMe you can water mark your pics and n resize them in batches . And if I can use it any one can.. :Trouser Cough:
  4. I'ev been back only 6-7weeks but ..fuck .. can't wait to get back to Pattaya

    1. Up2You


      I've been back 2 and its almost to much to bear! Already been stuck in a snowstorm

  5. hi bill I also see your posts, you still going out round London i suspect, when is the next get together as I'd like to tag along.

  6. Hi Bill, I've seen some of your post and I think you know how to live life better than anybody.

  7. billy, I apologise for getting angry in the post. I don't want to fall out with u. I respect you hugely. You are one of the Advanced Member BMs I look to most for good stuff. i just need to have my own thoughts on this stuff that's all. No offence intended, and again, I'm sorry I got cross.

  8. the hairdresser is called May she aint p4p and is a bit clingy 0853131728 but she has a decent body and is quite sweet a bit to clingy for me is her only down fall.

    Now Gitar is an animal you know where to find her anyway as I think you replied to a thread about her ass.Bottom of Soi 8, bar on left if you have your back to the beach

  9. very good poster billy.

    when you will be in patt again ?

  10. halo Biill...i like ypur collection

  11. hi billy. do you live in pattaya??? i m going tehre 23 of nov. sun shine is a good place to stay? no problem to go inside with few ladyboys????? do you know any place withiout reception in pattaya??? thanks

  12. She was in Pom Bar last night looking great! but no sign of `Harry`. She was not expecting to meet anyone and was surprised when I asked her about her `date` tonight. I played dominos with her and some other girls for about 2 hours before disappearing ito the night. She sent me sms around 3.00am looking for some sex, but I was already on the job!.She was suitably embarrassed to be calle...

  13. just click the link under the clock..You'll see how.. :Contact Lense:
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