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  1. its often just sheer luck the other year i got £305 Gatwick return with vietnamese airways perfect timings to boot! i just happened to be on the net at the right time
  2. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Milockie-Hotel-Safe-Lock/113196859982?hash=item1a5b0f024e:g:NF8AAOSwkXRbb6a5 saw this on a similar post, if you were going relatively regularly at worst it would be a deterrant cheers
  3. why dont you simply book with Bell,? they take you to you hotel entrance for 250, ive never had any problems when booking with them you have to book online, the only thing is they have no official office at the airport, when i arrived last November, the reps were in the coach departure lounge just after a row of chairs on the left if walking down towards the pattaya bus stand. they look at your ticket you would have printed off your computer and direct you as required.! cheers ihe2
  4. Yes TC's need to be cashed in a bank, in th end i did not cash them as i had enough cash to cover my budget, if i had taken all £2000 in tc's it would have cost £70 in charges, post office fee + thai tc charge, bank fee to A degree its six of one etc as unless you take cash alone there is going to be some sort of charge, namely the thai atm charge, at worst, with a few TC's you get good security as to change them you must present you passport to the bank and one's good self! the ideal would be to have a Thai bank account but for once a year guy like me thats not doable. Cheers I he2
  5. the barclaycard platinum travel card does not have any interest if you pay off within the month, so the only fee is the thai atm i take sterling travel cheques from the post office + cash, ive got £600 worth of cheques 3 x 200 which cost £9 so with the 450 baht fee for cashing them (if i cash them) that 600 will cost about £20, i like the bit of security that comes with the cheques i suppose the ultimate would be to have abank account over there but doubtless they wont do it for the short term traveller Cheers I he2
  6. hi When i take a gal back to ihe2 towers in Pattaya the first thing i do is put any money except for loose change into my safe (making sure she cant see what number im putting in), its only opened again when the deed is done and when she is having a shower. i then hand the money to her when she is ready to go saying literally "here is something for you" and thanks! worked so far thankfully !! Cheers ihe2
  7. hi Mr Xcom that was for last year buddy! its quite an old thread that was for my 2016 holiday, ive actually got the best price ive ever had for my november/december trip this year £323 return, although that is indirect stopping for 3 hours at emirates there and back but the price was too good to miss, almost giving it away. cu at the sensations/69 pool nights ? Cheers I he2
  8. many thanks Mr Soi dog and Mr Sid snot they are just nipping down to patts to see me for a laugh, ive got a little itinerary in mind for them but as its a family group i dont think ill be taking them to Soi 6 or the like although i suspect the husbands involved may have been interested 5555 cheers I he2
  9. hi all a family group who are friends of mine are doing a far eastern cruise later in the year they are stopping at Lam chabang, on their 2nd day they wanting to travel to Pattaya and back to see me for lunch ! just wondered if any knowledgeable member has a suggestion for best deal/service taxi for to use, they will want a minibus as there are 7 of them they are in Patts from about 11am to 3pm Cheers I he2
  10. exactly casinos will attract flocks of hookers from all over S.E asia, Africa, Russia etc hoping to score big bucks, on another note i am told the gals and more love gambling, you can imagine many being mashed as they lose a nights/weeks takings in the casino after some beach side mystic nok has told them they are going to be lucky,
  11. curious really as you say what a fucking great looking gal i'd imagine most here would be delighted to get her, quite a contrast with the usually highly unattractive lb's that are caught doing such, Cheers i he2
  12. http://www.instantstreetview.com/@12.936193,100.887732,0h,-2.56p,1z a bit of an old view but on pattaya klang, turn left at exit from soi buokao, walk down about 50 yards and cross road, the place houses several small eateries, that imv produce great cheap thai food, as hot as you like, buddy and i had garlic prawns, roast duck, thai chicken curry + veggies + rice + soft drink for 350 baht all in ! all freshly made to Cheers
  13. yep great place always visit their on my trip, gvfm as well the salty deep fried duck was delicious.
  14. i was taken to the ribs place near Sensations by my buddy Vasilli on my recent trip, the ribs there were awesome imv so tender, and super vfm for a budget traveller like me, medium portion + water = 124 baht, i also tried their rib eye and strip loin steaks at only 139 baht and they were fine, certainly good enough for me and better than steaks ive had in pattaya for 2 to 3 times the price. Just wish id known the place earlier Cheers I he2
  15. hi thats who im going with !! i suppose is all a risk but things like being able to pay by debit card (NOT bank transfer) and telephone numbers that are answered, also id imagine the major internet providers, skyscanners, compare the market etc would be as reliable as one could hope to find, but there are some fake sites out there that are taking money the bastards !! Cheers i he2
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