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  1. Thaiman12

    sore throat

    Now, here's (finally) an interesting point. One should be careful not to just roll up at a pharmacy and buy antibiotics; And here's why; If said One just decides that "Oh, I have a sore throat, discharging Old Fella, Bleeding Anus/ eyes/ resultant retarded Offspring etc." or the usual plethora of conditions known to beset Pattaya Mongers. Then to simply go to a pharmacy and purchase, across the counter, antibiotics is not the best way to go. UNLESS ONE FOLLOWS TO THE LETTER, THE ADVICE OF THE PHARMACIST. Because it is the nature of antibiotics to hit the weakest bugs first. Thus, if One takes just a few pills and feels, perhaps, better? Then that is quite dangerous. Because all One's gut bacteria, for example has been obliterated, but the root cause of the pompem is still hanging in there. Thus, the original cause of the problem may well survive, intact and One is left compromised. So, the conquest ensues.