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  1. LazyJay

    IT finally happened to me !!!!

    I have a Thai friend who will assist any farang to painlessly open a thai bank account in pattaya for 1000 baht danny, +66 65 534 4495 can call him or contact him via Whatsapp on that number he spend 15 years living in America before and speaks perfect English
  2. hellah

    hiv paranoia

    Very very much more likely she (or anybody else you swapped spit with) infected you with strep throat or something like that.
  3. colywob

    Boner Pills Cause Deafness?

    I wish you would all speak up a bit, I can't hear a bloody word your saying. And while I'm on, I'm struggling to read the posts, eyesight a bit dodgy, what the hells going on ?
  4. duke007

    Boner Pills Cause Deafness?

    Sorry, can't hear you
  5. Ivor

    Visa Run Question

    Come in for 30 days (its not actually a Visa on Arrival that is a separate thing for specific countries). Extend at Imm for B1900 or take a trip just to see somewhere else. At present BOTH air and land crossings grant a 30 day enty. be wary of Thaigeezer threads a lot of info is second hand or out of date. Contact people who are actually in country at the time. As you can get a thirty day extension in country I would suggest not getting a 60 day tourist visa from the Embassy- that is more useful if you wanted to come in for 90 days (ie- 60 days on entry plus a 30 day extension).
  6. The-Sith

    hiv paranoia

    Then change your habits. Or let shit go. But going half way and being scared is probably not where you want to be. We have all been there.